What's In My Portfolio: Jaye Foo

Photos courtesy of Jaye Foo
02 Mar 2022

Jaye Foo is an artist, entrepreneur, and crypto advocate

"My newest venture is THEMETTAVERSE, Singapore’s largest virtual real estate agency with a portfolio currently worth over half a million US dollars. We provide a full suite of services to help translate brands into the metaverse. We recently organised a DJ party to a crowd of 100 people in Decentraland. Our flagship property is called The Village, a 16 x 16m estate fit for any event or building imaginable.

I have always believed in a more connected world, and the metaverse is the next step into this new world. With the utilization of blockchain, this new form of ownership empowers people and create new opportunities. My business partner and I are strong believers of blockchain and real estate, so naturally we came together with our contrasting skillsets to start a virtual real estate business.

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I am especially proud of how effortlessly everything came together. Just one week from our first hangout, my business partner and I decided to embark on this virtual property path together. Taking THEMETTAVERSE to the next level, we are working to release an REIT NFT Collection backed by actual assets, our virtual land. VIPs and land owners will get to join the exclusive owners council, gaining access to a physical clubhouse with an NFT gallery, bar, and lounge. Furthermore, with our existing businesses and experience in events and entertainment, our access to several physical venues allows us to create activations that will connect with the metaverse.

Real estate has always been a solid investment. Now, you have the opportunity to invest in virtual real estate. With the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the ownership that blockchain provides, land in the metaverse has multiplied in value and will only continue to do so. Companies and celebrities are now buying up land in metaverses like Sandbox, so you may even end up becoming neighbors with the likes of Snoop Dogg. Being a landlord has never been this achievable or profitable in the history of mankind. We plan to educate the public about the metaverse and how it can transform not only your business or brand, but perhaps even provide a whole new perspective to life itself."

For more information on THEMETTAVERSE, click here