What's In My Portfolio: Jeffrey McCall

Video by Chino Sardea
11 Feb 2017

Jeffrey McCall is the Founder and Director of brand consulting firm Flânerie. Among its clients are Soori, Akar de Nissim and The Four Seasons Hotel

"A cornucopia of stories spills from my portfolio. Fantastical or genuine, my ‘story’ feels defined by my upbringing and life adventures—all ‘recorded’ in my memories, my collections, and my experiences, both personal and professional."

"To ‘escape’ the formality and being an only child until age 7, make-believe friends became the characters in my early play-acting and storytelling. Later on, National Geographic and Encyclopedia Britannica became my escape tickets to dreamed of exotic destinations where I envisioned new, yet to be realized stories. A flâneur I was destined to be."