What's In My Portfolio: Juliane Bailey

by Katherine Arteche
06 Apr 2021

Juliane Bailey is the Founder of The Jungle Emporium

The Jungle Emporium is a showcase of refined furniture, ceramics, tableware, art, jewelry, and vintage pieces which I have painstakingly sourced from small family-run and socially responsible businesses on my travels across the globe when travel was still possible. The idea to launch The Jungle Emporium was born in our wonderful Black & White house in the middle of the jungle and I started working on the brand over two years ago, starting off with the name and later with the logo, which was inspired by the numerous monkeys playing in our garden.

My brand perfectly reflects everything that I love and mirrors my cosmopolitan background having lived in Hamburg, New York, Venice, London, and now Singapore.

My collection is Asian-centric yet I have added on a few European treasures, for example glassware and ceramics from Italy and Spain, as well as cutlery from France. The selection is slowly expanding and I will only add pieces that I personally connect to and never out of a commercial background.

Babar Elephant Side Table
Bengal Tiger Carpet

Our artisanal handcrafted offerings include a few signature pieces, such as our rattan elephant side tables, which I discovered in Java. We also have ceramic candle holders from Northern Thailand, as well as beautiful block printed tablecloths from Jaipur.

My main goal is to expand the brand and gain international recognition and I am delighted that we have seen an increase in orders from clients beyond Singapore over the past few months. I would also like to grow and inspire a passionate team to support my business. Furthermore, I will continue to curate and widen The Jungle Emporium‘s selection by adding more signature pieces to the collection, as well as our own resort wear line that I am currently developing.”

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