What's In My Portfolio: Kaiyuan Neo

06 Jun 2022

Kaiyuan Neo is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Academy

“I am the CEO and Founder of Rocket Academy, an online coding bootcamp, which essentially trains people to be software engineers. We aim to be the top coding bootcamp globally, where we aim to provide a world-class curriculum and teach through a network of top international software engineers.

I started Rocket Academy when I realized  that there was a large market for learning software engineering. Employers are hungry to hire good software engineers and I believe that we can teach software engineering effectively and scalably online.

I am most proud of the face that Rocket Academy’s team has made a profound impact on the lives of its students and alumni. These graduates are future leaders of their local tech industries, and Rocket Academy is playing a part in helping our economies thrive.

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Graduates have shown their appreciation in numerous ways. They organize gatherings for their batches to catch up. They send thank you messages to instructors when they accept job offers or on New Year’s Day. They help junior batches with interview prep and job referrals. I am so proud and happy for this community.

Going forward, I believe that people will sit up and take notice when more students graduate and succeed through Rocket Academy. We currently teach over 1,000 students per year in our introductory Coding Basics course and over 150 students per year in our career-prep Coding Bootcamp. We aim to double this in the coming year.

Our graduates are already making waves, demonstrating that one does not need to study Computer Science in university to succeed as a software engineer or in the tech industry. Our students come from all kinds of backgrounds, from architecture to accounting, psychology to podiatry, and even cooking to horse racing, political science to law. I am excited to continue building this community that all Rocket Academy alumni can be proud of.”

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