What's In My Portfolio: Prachi Saini Garg

Photo courtesy of Scentopia
04 Jul 2022

Prachi Saini Garg is the Founder and Director of Scentopia

“I launched Scentopia this year after a successful run of the Sentosa X Enterprise program, which was part of a business pivot during Covid-19 after running Singapore Memories since 2013. It is currently the latest tourist attraction at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. I wanted to redefine and innovate the perfume industry, which, in my opinion, has been growing stale and stagnant from the lack of innovation. Combining my interests in technology and the history of Singapore’s flora and fauna, my team and I redesigned the perfume-making service we have been providing for nine years now.

Our focus is on Singapore’s unique floral heritage. As part of our daily operations, we assist locals, as well as tourists in creating a signature scent based on personality tests. Our dedication to innovation led us to create a fully digitized and touchless perfume-making bar. What’s more, Scentopia is augmented-reality enabled with 300+ free-to-use artwork in the metaverse. The main purpose is to educate the public about Singapore’s unique heritage and the perfume ingredients that make up the scents in our perfume bar.

We use oils inspired by the rainforest of the island and in particular, native orchids of Singapore. These are rare and super-premium, but we love sharing this with our customers as we want to offer them the best.

Unique perfume-themed tours at Scentopia

Our sister business also bought the rights and formula of an old brand called “Perfumes of Singapore” by Mr. Dadi Balsara. We are very proud that we are able to revive all those brands, which are fondly remembered by the Merdeka generation. We love seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they smell these old perfumes, such as “Singapore Girl”.

People always remember great experiences and they appreciate quality products. With Scentopia, we are on a mission to combine both and we strive to improve because we want to ensure a great product and experience at the end of the day.”

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