What's In My Portfolio: Quinn Chen

Photo courtesy of Ice's Secret
04 Sep 2023

Quinn Chen is the Managing Director of Ice's Secret.

“As a co-founder and the Managing Director, my journey with Ice’s Secret has been one of dedication and innovation. Our brand's core mission revolves around delivering effective skincare solutions that empower individuals to feel confident and embrace their true selves. What sets Ice’s Secret apart is its ability to address various skin concerns, from acne to sensitive skin, through a range of meticulously formulated products.

Our journey began with a focus on addressing the unique challenges posed by humid climates. We recognized that traditional skincare often falls short in such environments, leading to frustration among individuals seeking effective solutions. Ice's Secret emerged as a response to this need, offering a range of products meticulously formulated to combat the effects of humidity on the skin.

Ice's Secret is not just a skincare brand; it's a catalyst for empowerment and a source of confidence for women from all walks of life. Our commitment to creating effective products is only the beginning. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to empowering women and raising awareness about important skincare issues.

One area that holds a special place in our heart is acne awareness. Through our products and initiatives, we've illuminated the challenges faced by many, fostering understanding and support within our community. Real people sharing their stories have been instrumental in driving this message. This year marks the 3rd year we’ve held a successful acne awareness campaign with over a thousand participants in our online and offline campaign, including acne masterclasses.

What makes Ice’s Secret an attention-grabber is its unique approach to skincare – it’s about a lifestyle. With our products, service and mission to enable people to feel comfortable in their own skin and dare to express themselves. Our upcoming plans include the expansion of our lifestyle offerings, including a new product line designed to enhance wellness and beauty from the inside out.

Ice’s Secret is also a brand that stands for empowerment and innovation. Looking ahead, we have some exciting plans that are sure to turn heads and capture the imagination of many.”