What’s In My Portfolio: Stephane Le Pelletier

Art direction by VC Chong,
Photography by Chino Sardea,
Videography by Jie Rui Tu
14 Jun 2019

When the opportunity presented itself over a decade ago, I packed my bags and left Paris for Singapore. Back then Singapore wasn't as sophisticated as it is now, but it was a land of opportunity. I had to get used to many foreign things, like hot tropical weather and exotic Asian food.

Art is a passion that has always been part of my life – I grew up in Paris where art is everywhere, from the architecture to the cuisine. I’m very happy that I’m in the business of art, helping promote it to art lovers. It’s a career I wouldn't trade for anything.

We are blessed to have a great collection of old masterpieces by Picasso, Dali, Renoir and Buffet; we also work with the most sought-after living artists of the day like Manolo Valdés, Lita Cabellut, Andy Denzler, South Korean artist Cho Sung Hee and André Brasilier. Working with renowned artists like Pablo Atchugarry during last year's Masters Exhibition was a thrilling experience that brought us closer to understanding the creative process of such remarkable talents.

We welcome thousands of people to our gallery every month, from renowned collectors to students and even men on the street. I’m still excited to meet new people in the gallery. Many of them have genuine interest in art and become our important customers. My mission is to present good art, and I’m happy to talk to anyone who is interested in art and artists. First, we extend friendship, then we talk business. 

Opera Gallery has flourished over the past 25 years in Singapore because we have good teams in place who meet all the challenges of making the business work. A business cannot work without team effort. A good staff is definitely one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of any establishment.