What's In My Portfolio: Violetta Shishkina

05 Nov 2021

Violetta Shishkina is the CEO and Co-Founder, Fe/male Switch

Fe/male Switch is a social impact project that incorporates an educational role-playing game to skill up future female tech leaders. The reason for initiating the project was to cultivate the creation of resilient and innovative tech startups by stimulating internal high-impact changes in future founders and the way startups are created and run. Fe/male Switch's core mission is maintaining equal possibilities for women in the fields of IT and entrepreneurship. By encouraging female inclusion in diverse startup teams, we are stimulating the economy that in turn benefits from the increase in qualified tech force.

Our project is unique in its innovative and proprietary approach which we call 'gamepreneurship'. Players or 'gamepreneurs' gradually develop their inner entrepreneur by perfecting their soft, hard, business, and other skills in the game. We’d like to note that the Fe/male Switch game was created without a single line of code in less than four months to demonstrate the power of new digital technologies. Our project is an example of harnessing the inexhaustible possibilities of technological progress, which currently offers the most convenient tools to make any idea a reality.

As we have said before, increasing skilled technical staff to stimulate the economy is one of our top priorities, so we believe that Fe/male Switch is one solution that will enable SMEs to hire truly skilled and startup-ready female employees, becoming inclusive gender-intelligent companies. Those currently unemployed can upskill themselves and become solopreneurs, join a startup, or upgrade their CV via mastering a lot of digital tools.

The possibility of ubiquitous and mutual benefit is exactly what makes people keep an eye on us these days. In the future, we are planning on integrating machine learning and blockchain into the platform to create an immersive virtual startup environment that allows anyone to grow their inner entrepreneur.

Regarding recognition, we think that our vibrant project format, unique and innovative proprietary approach, and genuine enthusiasm in our interactions with users create a sense of community and possibilities for growth and mutually beneficial networking, which will undoubtedly lead to greater awareness and popularity of Fe/male Switch. We are also confident that people will understand and pay attention to the direct connection of our project with the goals of sustainable development, in particular those of supporting gender equality, tackling unemployment, supporting and stimulating industry, innovation, and infrastructure development.