What's In My Portfolio: Wong Mei Ling

Photo by Chino Sardea
24 May 2021

Wong Mei Ling is the General Manager of Diageo Rare & Exceptional

At Diageo, we’re proud owners of about 50 distilleries in Scotland that allow us to access to some of the world’s rarest and most exceptional whisky reserves such as Johnnie Walker, Talisker, and Brora. What we do then is to not just sell bottles, but also offer rare opportunities for our clients to buy the entire cask if they will. 

My main goal is to create that consumer experience. Our private client team brings our clients on this unique journey and experience through a programme called Casks of Distinction.

Within the last 10 years, the rare whiskey category as a desirable collectible is the fastest growing category according to a Knight Frank Wealth Report. The reason for that is their rarity, because they cannot be replaced.

These casks are not something that you just whisk out from your factory, because it takes years of impeccable craft to bring them to life. And that's something money cannot buy.

I see ourselves as custodians. These casks are the legacies that have been left by our old teams at Diageo or the founders of the company from many years ago.

There have been spirits that they’ve never had the chance to see bottled, including younger aged whiskies that require them to be delivered, kept and protected. The age of these bottles can derive from important years in history, where some have been filled even before some of our clients were born. 

Increasingly, we are also seeing younger clients also coming on this journey with us. The curiosity to seek out experiences is starting to manifest itself at a younger ages, all while looking for something inherently rare as well.

When it comes to our casks, you could say that we're looking to share it with those who aren’t just about having a quick drink. For us, it’s about enjoying and savoring, drinking responsibly, and ultimately, having a deep appreciation for the craft before it’s all gone.

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