25 Gift Ideas From The Golden Pin Design Awards 2017

by Lili Li
14 Nov 2017

After a heated second-round selection that took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei, 410 entries have been selected to receive a coveted Design Mark. We picked 25 of these entries – now in the running for the Best Design trophy to be announced on December – for our holiday gifts roundup.

These newly minted objects turn holiday gifting into an unadulterated joy. In every item, design is an outstanding ingredient—all of them are Design Mark Recipients at the Golden Pin Design Award 2017, the world’s largest and most prestigious design competition for manufacturers that reach out to the huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities.

The Golden Pin Design Award is an international event held annually by the Taiwan Design Center in Taipei that raises global awareness about design created for and within huaren communities. 

There is a myriad of global talent from 9 countries and regions — China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and USA — is represented in this year’s Golden Pin Design Mark recipient list. The competition has 4 award categories: Packaging Design, Product Design, Spatial Design, and Visual Communication Design. The Design Mark recipients were chosen by the Secondary Selection jury, composed of 15 reputable designers from Taiwan and China.

These 25 luxury gift ideas, a short list from 410 Design Mark Recipients from designers and makers from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the USA, represent high level design imagination and manufacturing ingenuity.

The search for special, unique and interesting gifts stops here.

1. Mugu Long Paper Weight

A play on contrast finds an elegant expression in the Mugu paperweight. The brass core is enveloped in black walnut, revealing impeccable craftsmanship in the profile. Mu means adoration in Chinese, while mugu signifies adoration of tradition.

Designed and manufactured by Beijing Easy Style Trading Co., Ltd

2. Roof Incense Burner

An incense holder fits inside the little house, and a copper tube set on its roof serves as a chimney through which the fragrant incense smoke can escape. Available in light and dark wood casing

Manufactured by Hangzhou teague technology co.,Ltd, Designed by belaDESIGN

3. A Porcelain Paopao

Enjoy tea on-the-go with this ‘egg’ that packs two teacups and a teapot. The set comes in a convenient, leak-proof, and exquisitely designed carrier.  Available in different colors. 

Designed and manufactured by Hangzhou Shanjia lifestyles co.,LTD & Changjiang Polytechnic

4. Picnic Intelligent Suitcase

Use your fingerprint to unlock this suitcase, and Bluetooth to track it down. Made of polycarbonate material from Bayer (Germany), each luggage has sleek design, solid color, and high durability.

Designed and manufactured by Yuejia Technology (Beijing) Ltd.

5. treVolo A Wireless Speaker System

The first Wi-Fi speaker to integrate a Class A Amplifier with ceramic tweeter offers clear audio quality and simple usage. TreVolo A can access music- streaming service and Internet radio, or seamlessly play music from smart devices by Bluetooth.

Designed by BenQ Lifestyle Design Center,  manufacturer by BenQ Corporation

6. Mini Joy Pot

This spherical tea set made from rough Purion is handy and convenient to carry around. A band holds the pot and cup while serving as heat and slip protection.

Designed and Manufactured by Aurlia Corporation

7. Soul One Portable Personal Decanter

This portable personal decanter includes wine glass, metal tube and decanting base. Ideal for travel, it is designed for quick decanting, easy storage and portability.

Designed by Hey Sheng Chi Si, manufactured by Hwa Hsia Glass Co., Ltd

8. Chine LED

China LED brings a classic shape into the new millennium, with a patented spinning DJ switch and immaculately crafted metal body. Available in table, floor and pendant models.

Designed and manufactured by Seed Lighting Design Co., Ltd

9. HMM Scissors

This stylish 2-in-1 essential tool combines the functions of scissors and a box-cutter. Made with Japanese steel and Taiwanese craftsmanship, it has wide blades, solid weight and sleek design.

Designed and manufactured by Kiwico Corporation

10. Telaio

Designed by Luigi Cittadini for 7Oceans, Telaio outdoor armchair is based on artisanal fabric production no longer in use. The steel frame supports the rope backrest and seat.

Designed by Luigi Cittadini, manufactured by 7Oceans Designs Ltd.

11. Electric Wine Aerator

With a touch of a button, this handy gadget can inject the right amount of air to bring out the full bouquet of wine. The result is quick and effective aeration perfectly calibrated to the right type of wine.

Designed and manufactured by Mercuries Asia Ltd.

12. Liquor Perfection Collection

Tin is said to be an antidote to the bitterness in alcoholic beverages, which makes the Liquor Perfection stick a useful tool for anyone enjoying a tipple. The implement fits into all kinds of glasses and decanting systems to smoothen the taste of alcoholic beverages.

Designed and manufactured by Woo Collective Co., Ltd.

13. Pure Tin Straight Cups

Eliminate bitterness from your favorite alcoholic beverage by serving it in these tin cups. Also ideal for enjoying other types of beverages, they provide a dollop of style.

Designed and manufactured by Woo Collective Co., Ltd.

14. Time Machine 16

With the hands for hours and minutes sweeping across different sides of the same clock face, telling time with this piece is a visual treat. The dicalcium silicate clock face has 12 lines radiating from two axes and crisscrossing to create unique effects of light and shadow.

Designed by Homer Concept Co., Ltd., manufactured by 3HML

15. spinbox

Rediscover the audiophile’s pleasure of listening to vinyl records with this DIY portable turntable kit. This high quality, affordable, DIY turntable has built-in amplifier and speakers that are easy to use. The high quality, water repellent and versatile exterior is made with the same paper material used in packaging Apple products, which gives Spinbox a unique sound resonance. 

Designed by spinbox team, manufactured by Wu Lou Chuang Yi LLC

16. One Piece

Carriers made from recycled PVC canvases often found in Taiwan’s urban centers resonate with no-nonsense utilitarian and classic street vibes. With the addition of metal hardware, nylon straps and trims, they become tote bags, messenger bags, handbags, or sports bag.

Designed by Plan Consulting, manufactured by TAGatherGoods

17. The New Old Vase

The East and the West, the familiar silhouette and the new function reside together at the New Old Vase. Comprising a wooden receptacle and a wire pot, the piece can be transformed into different ornamental and practical objects. 

Designed and manufactured by KIMU design

18. Clamp Collection

The go-to company for amazing packaging ideas is Drilling Lab. Its ‘sample’ piece, inspired by a ‘spread toolset’, is made of recycled chipboards especially processed and printed with traditional letterpress printing and roll type production. Screws, Allen wrenches, and other objects are included in the ‘toolset’, which is bound together by black rubber bands that are hand-cut recycled inner tubes of bicycles.

Designed and manufactured by Drilling lab

19. Wayou

This three-piece collection of exquisitely crafted daily wares consists of a small cup for salted plums, side dishes or sake, the middle bowl for sweet soups, ice cream, or yogurt, and the large plate for seasonal fruits, salad or noodles. Available in clear and striped designs.

Designed by Hey Sheng Chi Si (Taiwan), manufactured by Hirota Glass Co., Ltd (Japan)

20. Etchu Toyama Craftsmanship Sharing Plates

Rooted in the tradition of osusouwake, sharing with others what has been given to you, these plates were originally made to bring back food from wedding parties in Toyama Prefecture. Five companies and five artists from Toyama participated in this project, using various techniques and materials to develop 23 small plates.

Designed and manufactured by Toyama Design Center

21. Katakuchi Swing Series

This brass lipped bowl and sake cup set is named Katakuchi and Guinomi Swing, no doubt named for the uneven bottom of the vessels that allows them to sway on table. 

Designed and manufactured by kisen

22. Brick Lamp

Light is activated when the Brick Lamp is raised and deactivated when it is laid flat. The side facets serve as a natural handle that also directs the light when the brick sits on its side. Available in concrete, wood, and metal.

Manufacturer: HCWD Studio
 Design Company: HCWD Studio
 Award Category: Product Design Category
 Country/Region: USA


23. Desktop Arcade Stick

This desktop wooden game console is big on nostalgia and design. Inspired by arcade games, it features a joystick, red buttons, and screen encased in a beautifully crafted and finished wood housing.

Designed by GWOWO Technology Co. Ltd., manufactured by 8Bitdo Tech HK Ltd

24. DeLight

DeLight’s hand-folded shade, available in 12 designs, creates a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that allow it to inspire different moods from different angles. With a new hardware, stainless steel frame, and magnetic buttons, it easily turns from a pendant lamp to table lamp and vice versa. 

Designed and manufactured by Duo Dots Design Ltd.

25. Vinci Smart Headphone

With built-in AI capability, Vinci wireless smart headphones respond to voice controls to search and change tracks, while machine learning enables it to make recommendations. Users can also stream their own downloaded music directly. Music plays automatically when the headphones are worn. Swipe left and right on the touch screen to change tracks, up and down to adjust the volume.


Designed by Shenzhen XIVO Design Co., Ltd., manufactured by Inspero Inc.