A Crab Extravaganza

by Anton D. Javier
Photos courtesy of Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
20 Jun 2017

Melt Café at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore celebrates everybody's favorite crustacean at "A Crab Affair"

From 16 June to 2 July, crab fanatics will have something to celebrate at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore's Melt Café — a superb crab extravaganza called "A Crab Affair".

In addition to Melt Café's sumptuous spread that consists of an amazing array of Indian specialties, cheeses, hot and cold dishes, and à la minute options, the seasonal "A Crab Affair" brings to the table a dizzying number of crab-centric dishes. For those who enjoy the inherent sweetness of seafood, get cracking and make a beeline for the appetising options on ice, which include Tasmanian spanner crab, Canadian stone crab claws, Asian mud crab, and the all-time favorite, Alaskan king crabs. Also available (and not to be missed) are other deep sea delights like lobsters, prawns, and oysters. 

Enjoy the crabs in a variety of others ways too, which are seamlessly woven into the various food stations all around Melt Café. What is a crab feast without familiar favorites like Singaporean-style black pepper and salted egg yolk soft-shell crab, as well as a tantalizing Thai stir-fried flower crab that's incredibly fiery and flavorful.

Other tasty dishes include the comforting Hainanese Crab Noodles, Japanese Java Curry with Tasmanian spanner crab omelette, and modern and inventive options, such as the yuzu-marinated crab gâteau with avocado, tobiko, and organic cress, and the crab and potato rosti. 

"A Crab Affair" is available for dinner at Melt Café until 2 July, starting at $75/person (Sunday to Thursday) and $85/person (Friday to Saturday). For more information, click here