Around the World in Beef

Photos courtesy of Bedrock Bar & Grill
23 May 2017

Bedrock Bar & Grill's first stop: Hokkaido, Japan

Bedrock Bar & Grill, known for its quality steaks and interiors that evoke a classic Manhattan-style vibe, has kicked of its World Meat Series this month, bringing diners to Hokkaido, Japan with its exclusive selection of the prized Tajima strain of wagyu.

Until the end of the month, diners can indulge and experience the prized meat that's celebrated for its rich texture, exceptional marbling, and mouthwatering aromas, all thanks to a diet consisting of grain and grass, as well as an environment that's blessed with fresh air and water.

The freshness of the beef is best experienced through dishes like Hokkaido Beef Carpaccio and Hokkaido Beef Tartare (both $38). Meanwhile, the highlight of the menu goes to the handpicked selection of Kuroge Wagyu cuts, which has the reputation of being the pinnacle of Japanese beef. Take your pick from the A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Striploin (200g, $180) and the A5 Hokkaido Wagyu Ribeye (200g, $180).

Instead of heavy sauces and gravies that might drown out the subtle flavours of the meat, executive chef Isaac Tan has created a range of elegant flavour enhancers to accompany the beef, and these include pickled shishito peppers, black garlic, kizami wasabi, celery salt, yuzu kosho, and neri uni.

The World Meat Series: Japan Hokkaido Beef at Bedrock Bar & Grill is available until 31 May. Visit today at 96 Somerset Road, #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites. For more information, click here