Changing to Get Back on Track: Ferrari

by Anton D. Javier
06 Aug 2020

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few months, change – and changing quickly – is the only way forward.

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari presents the “Back on Track” project, which is a partnership with a pool of virologists and experts, supported with the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region. Since Italy was one of the countries hit hard by COVID-19, Ferrari aims to provide its employees with a safe working environment now that its production activities have resumed.

The first step to the project is the reopening of the Maranello and Modena offices, in accordance with the timing and procedures defined by Italian authorities. Following this is the voluntary screening of Ferrari employees with **** tests to check their state of health, all while being extended to the greater “Ferrari Community” – any interested cohabiting relatives of employees, as well as the staff of suppliers present in the company.

Finally, each worker is offered the opportunity to use a dedicated mobile phone app to receive medical support in monitoring the symptoms of the virus.

What’s more, Ferrari also produced respirator valves and fittings for protective masks at its Maranello plant as an initiative to support health workers treating COVID-19 patients.

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