Crowning Glory

02 Jan 2020

Confidence can crumble in the face of an unhealthy head of hair. By holistically treating scalp health dilemmas, the trichological specialists at LEONICA K will help you shine once again.

Plagued by hair and scalp problems like alopecia or severe dandruff? Stop trying to treat these issues with ineffective, one-size-fits-all OTC lotions and get to the root of the issue with the help of a qualified trichologist. Influenced by everything from lack of sleep and stress to bad luck in the genetic lottery, hair and head health is a complicated issue and not one that should be tackled alone. Trichologists at LEONICA K Trichology use scientifically proven, individually targeted trichological systems, treatments and applications that address the very foundations of scalp health.

A graduate of the Institute of Trichologists (UK), Leonica Kei founded her eponymous Trichology Centre in 1996, and is today one of Singapore’s most respected trichological specialists. This professional Trichology Centre focuses on seven different areas of expertise in scalp health management: female hair loss, male pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, stress-induced hair loss, scalp disorders, hair repair and restoration, and postpartum hair loss. “I believe that hair is a fundamental expression of our uniqueness,” says Kei. “When our hair is looking its best, we can’t help but feel confident.”

Treating hair loss conditions in both men and women is where LEONICA K particularly excels, and Kei urges clients to visit her Trichology Centre as soon as they notice any signs, such as excessive dandruff, falling hair, or bald patches. Early diagnosis and treatment is imperative, she says. After a private consultation, a LEONICA K technician will prescribe sessions using massage, steam, and the latest technological advances in ultraviolet and infrared light treatments. All treatments are non-invasive, and results can be seen within just four to five sessions. In-centre procedures are complemented by take home creams and lotions: botanical shampoos, soothing or energising tonics, and client-tailored scientifically formulated hair creams.

When you’re trying to address stubborn, long-term scalp health conditions, a visit to a trichologist will set you on the path to a lasting solution. These trusted haircare professionals are dedicated to resolving hair and scalp issues using scientifically proven trichological systems to ensure their clients radiate health and wellbeing. At LEONICA K, you are guaranteed to leave each session feeling revitalised–in body and mind.

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