Delectable Dumplings from Yan's Dining

Special feature by Yan's Dining
09 Jun 2023

Feast on an irresistible selection of handmade dumplings from Yan’s Dining for Dragon Boat Festival.

Yan’s Dining, a restaurant specializing in Shanghainese cuisine, presents a selection of sweet and savory rice dumplings using premium ingredients for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Since its opening, the restaurant has been known for its Shanghai and Jiangnan rice dumplings, which include Salted Egg Yolk, Fresh Pork, and Red Bean Paste.

For this year’s festivities, there are six delectable flavors available for purchase, whether it’s for gifting or to enjoy at home. Each dumpling is handmade and made to order by chefs from Yan’s Dining using glutinous rice from Dongbei and cooked for four hours – using both strong and gentle heat.

Savory highlights this year include the fragrant Shanghai Spanish Pork Belly Rice Dumpling ($6.80/piece), Double Yolk Spanish Pork Belly Rice Dumpling ($8.80/piece) that’s best enjoyed warm for the silky egg yolks, Abalone Spanish Pork Sticky Rice Dumpling ($12.80/piece) that boasts traditional flavors, and the Seven Dragon Ball Deluxe Rice Dumpling ($16.80/piece) – an indulgent treat that combines seven buttery and grainy salted egg yolks.

Fans of sweet dumplings can find comfort in three new flavors (matcha, purple yam, and custard) of the Sago Crystal Rice Dumpling ($3.80/piece), as well as the Classic Osmanthus Red Bean and Chestnut Dumpling ($5.80/piece.), where red beans are mixed with sugar, lard, and vegetable oil for a silky, luxurious finish.  

In addition to dumplings, savor what Yan’s Dining has to offer beyond the Dragon Boat Festival specials. Dishes like Yellow Croaker Fish, Kung Pao Shrimp Balls, Shrimp Wanton, and the Shanghai Pan-Fried Bun will also be available.

For more information, click here. Visit Yan’s Dining at 333A Orchard Rd, #04-22 Mandarin Gallery, Tel: 6836 1188