From Personal to Virtual: Aun Koh and Su-Lyn Tan's New View on Life and Health

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01 Jan 2018

Husband and wife Aun Koh and Su-Lyn Tan get up close and personal with health issues that busy individuals face today through Mount Elizabeth Hospitals' VR Experience

"I think a lot of what we do revolves around food and quite naturally, that is the element in our lives that hold us together as a couple," reveals Su-Lyn Tan, the CEO of communications firm, Ate Integrated Communications Pte Ltd. Her husband, Aun Koh, runs the popular food blog Chubby Hubby, all while juggling several roles, such as co-founder and chairman of the new membership club Straits Clan, as well as chairman of the board of Pangdemonium Theatre Company.

While Aun and Su-Lyn often wax lyrical about food, they also know the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet, especially since they're parents who lead by example. "I think it's very important to lead by example. We have both been eating a lot more healthily, even before we had kids. Our children are still very young so it's only natural for them to say no to certain things. But we hope that as they get older, they'll be more rational and understand health issues better," shares Aun. 

"I've developed recipes that incorporate lots of vegetables that keep well and that I know my children love. As a working mum, I've developed tricks to still be able, to some extent, cook a healthy meal for my family whenever I can," says Su-Lyn.

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With health and wellness playing an important role in Aun and Su-Lyn's household, we wanted to find out how they felt about the Mount Elizabeth Cardio Virtual Reality Experience, which focuses on David, a young father who pushes himself a little too far when it comes to work. All the stress and hard work results in a health scare, not only affecting David, but his family as well. 

"The VR Experience prompts you to think more carefully about the impact that your actions have on the people around you, particularly your closest family members. In your head, you still think you're in your 20's and I don't see myself particularly differently, but the body changes and it's coming to terms with that. You have to take care of what's under the hood a little more carefully," says Su-Lyn.

"As someone with a young family, I would say that if something doesn't feel right, or something is a bit off, or something's painful, you need to do some research, or better yet, talk to someone and have yourself checked early on," urges Aun.

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