Harnessing the Power of Dual Technologies for Reverse Aging

by Portfolio Magazine
31 Aug 2023

Non-invasive procedures Emface and Emsculpt NEO deliver targeted and customisable treatments for effective and lasting results

In the heart of Singapore tucked away in the Mandarin Gallery, Mendis Aesthetics has carved a niche as an arbiter of advanced aesthetic treatments. The clinic is gaining renown for two procedures that encapsulate the convergence of technology and beauty: Emface and Emsculpt NEO.

Emface, an increasingly coveted non-invasive treatment, leverages a specialized device that synergizes radiofrequency (RF) with high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation (HIFESTM). RF invigorates the skin’s dermal layer, spurring the production of collagen and elastin, proteins essential for skin elasticity and strength. Concurrently, HIFESTM zeroes in on specific facial muscles. With specialised applicators for the forehead and cheeks, Emface targets muscle groups, offering a nuanced approach to facial sculpting—all within a 20-minute session.

Clinical trials paint an optimistic picture. Patients report a 37% decrease in wrinkles and a 30% surge in muscle tone. The synergy of RF and HIFESTM also yielded a 23% increase in facial lift, 24% more natural collagen, and a twofold increase in structural elastin. “This could redefine the aesthetics landscape,” asserts Dr Rohan Mendis, the mind behind Mendis Aesthetics.

The procedure offers pragmatism alongside its efficacy, requiring no needles or downtime and fitting seamlessly into the modern, time-crunched lifestyle. Dr Mendis advises a series of four to six sessions, separated by five-day intervals.


Dual Purposes, Singular Focus

“As we age, muscle mass naturally diminishes. Studies indicate a loss of up to 8% each decade past the age of 30. Lifestyle factors, such as sedentary habits and poor nutrition, can exacerbate this decline,” explains Dr Mendis. This loss could reach up to 25% by the time we hit our 60s.

Enter Emsculpt NEO. Clinical research shows that the procedure, while reducing fat, amplifies muscle mass by an average of 30% and 25%, respectively. Like Emface, it incorporates RF technology but couples it with High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM). This results in targeted muscle contractions and fat cell reduction, offering a multipronged strategy against the dual challenges of fat accumulation and muscle loss.

In a bid for precision, the clinic employs Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality, enabling Dr Mendis to construct 3D facial models for more realistic procedural simulations.

Mendis Aesthetics’ tech-centric ethos aligns not just with cosmetic aspirations but also with the broader health needs of an aging population. This holistic perspective might just offer invaluable dividends for those seeking to age not just gracefully, but also healthily and beautifully.

Established by Dr. Rohan Mendis, a seasoned aesthetic physician, Mendis Aesthetics stands as a vanguard in Singapore’s cosmetic treatment landscape. The clinic champions non-invasive methodologies, aiming for outcomes that are not just remarkable but also enduring—with minimal disruption to daily life. Rooted in a philosophy of quality and client-centric care, Mendis Aesthetics is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to individual needs.