How to Learn Like A Champion

Special feature by MindChamps
29 Oct 2023

Technology – and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular – is transforming the world at an accelerating rate and in increasingly unpredictable ways. As a global leader in the early learning sector (and a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge research in the development of breakthrough learning strategies), MindChamps has positioned itself at the forefront of creating initiatives for preparing children for an AI future.

The notion of technology, such as AI being commonplace in schools and playing such an important role in the lives of our children, seemed inconceivable just a few years ago, but with the pandemic having fast-tracked digitization in many aspects of life and recognizing the rapid proliferation of AI tools in the workplace and the home, there is no predicting the specific knowledge and skills that will be necessary for navigating a future that is, literally, unimaginable.

To a ground-breaking educational organization like MindChamps however, one thing has always been crystal clear: Knowing how to learn – the strategies and mindset of the life-long learner – is far more important than merely knowing what to learn – the content, which is often out of date before we learn it. This is the foundational understanding which lies at the core of the organization’s educational philosophy – and its spectacular success.

According to MindChamps Dean of Research and Programme-Development, Brian Caswell, it is this ability to learn effectively and holistically that will empower 21st Century children to adapt to new situations and demands and acquire new knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.

The ethos of MindChamps is based on its revolutionary 3-Mind model of education, comprising the Champion Mind, which instils perseverance and excellence; the Learning Mind which promotes academic excellence by providing learners with strategies for ‘learning how to learn’; and the Creative Mind, which inspires the connection of multiple perspectives to solve problems and generate new ideas. MindChamps believes the 3 Mind Education Model will equip children with the tools, the strategies, and, above all, the mindset to fulfil their full potential and thrive in a world dominated by ever-more-sophisticated AI technologies and Large Language Model chatbots.



David Chiem and Emeritus Professor Allan Snyderin

The concept of the Champion Mindset is the brainchild of MindChamps’ Chair of Research, world-renowned neuroscientist Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder, Fellow of the Royal Society, and is at the heart of all its programs. It is the culmination of decades-long research into neuroscience and distilled from the ground-breaking ‘What Makes a Champion?’ forums in the Sydney 2000 and the Beijing 2008 Olympics, which studied champions from five diverse fields of Business, Politics, Science, Sports and the Arts, to identify the key attributes that all high achievers have in common.

To give students the edge they need to succeed in school and in life, MindChamps offers a series of unique, research-based programs from preschooler to young adult. This includes the Art of Learning program that helps equip students with “Learning-How-to-Learn” techniques and thinking skills, so that they can actively understand concepts and apply them confidently in other areas. Other enrichment programs are anchored by the Optimal Flow Method™, which helps students connect new information to concepts they have already learned for a more complete narrative understanding of school topics.

Students at MindSpace, MindChamps’ after-school care centres, are taught to approach learning in a more meaningful and holistic way, through enrichment classes that apply these research-backed learning methods. Each class gets two teachers who are subject experts in English, Maths, Science, and Chinese – a Concepts Teacher from MindChamps Headquarters (live online) who explains the foundational principles underlying each subject, and an Application Teacher who works directly with students in the classroom to ensure they know how to apply the concepts to their homework assignments.

Such teaching methods do, of course, run counter to the rote learning approach of traditional enrichment centres, and this unique approach has proven to be a highly successful formula; MindChamps is the only education group with its breakthrough PSLE results verified by KPMG in Singapore*. Beyond results however, MindChamps nurtures the Champion Mindset and a lifelong love of learning, as well as the independence, strength, and resilience that will prepare children for future challenges.

MindChamps Founder and CEO, David Chiem explains: “Nobody can imagine the working world our children will enter in 20 years’ time, but as the AI revolution continues, we can be sure that this world will be every bit as exciting and challenging as it is unpredictable. As parents and business leaders, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for this future by emphasizing creativity, a love for learning and the Champion Mindset to thrive in the face of any challenge.”

*These results have been verified by KPMG in Singapore to supporting records provided by the Company, based on specified procedures in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Related Services SSRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

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