In Whisky's Hidden Domain

A Special Feature by Johnnie Walker House Singapore
09 May 2018

Welcome to the secret place where whisky connoisseurship rubs shoulders with exclusivity

For those in the know, the Johnnie Walker House Private Suite is an exclusive address where the finest Scotch whiskies are stocked and doled out with impeccable, knowledgeable service. Launched in 2016 by Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits, the Johnnie Walker House Private Suite offers a vast portfolio of luxury prized and aged whiskies from Diageo’s more than 50 active and shuttered distilleries. It is a mandatory stop for those who want to further their understanding and deepen their appreciation of fine Scotch whiskies.

More than just an invitation-only venue for enjoying whiskies, the Suite has a private client team on hand to extend a range of concierge services, including the sale of specific ranges exclusively available at the Suite. The private client team can also provide connoisseurs with additional information on certain ranges, and even augment the knowledge of budding enthusiasts.

Among the highlights of the Suite’s exclusive services is the Cask of Distinction program, a platform for purchasing single barrel casks of rare and collectible whiskies. Dr. Jim Beveridge, Master Blender at the House of Johnnie Walker, has a direct hand in the selection of the whiskies offered in the casks, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and rarity. Given these standards, a cask of such fine whisky becomes a worthy addition to anyone’s portfolio, whether it is for personal consumption, gifting or investment.

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An array of stylishly appointed facilities within the Suite makes such activities remarkably pleasurable. Besides providing ideal settings for private tastings and whisky transactions, the Suite affords guests a unique experience of being in the heart of the Johnnie Walker heritage and legacy, surrounded by a spectacular array of its finest whiskies. The Suite also allows guests a privilege access to Diageo’s blending rooms, distilleries and craftsmen, including Dr. Beveridge himself.      

The Suite, the first and only facility in Southeast Asia, supports the needs of a growing international network of luxury Scotch whisky connoisseurs by welcoming them to a place where they can indulge their passion for rare and collectable Scotch whiskies in the company of like-minded individuals and in-house experts. It is not surprising that new friendships and alliances have been forged in this private place that any Scotch whisky connoisseur would be happy to call his own.

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