Japanese Cuisine at Its Finest at DBS Insignia Private Dining Collection

by Portfolio Magazine
20 Sep 2018

DBS Insignia Private Dining Collection presents Chef Takagi Kazuo

On 31 August 2018, DBS Insignia Cardmembers were momentarily whisked away to a reimagined version of Kyoto at The Pavilion at Conrad Centennial. Michelin-starred Japanese chef Takagi Kazuo of TAKAGI in Ashiya was present to grace the event, as well as prepare dishes in the ‘Kyo-royi’ style, which is an extremely refined type of Japanese cuisine.

Chef Takagi Kazuo’s restaurant has held two Michelin stars since 2010 and his cuisine uses unique and traditional methods, which celebrates both cultural tales and captures Kyoto’s changing seasons. At the dinner, guests enjoyed sumptuous jewel-like creations, imbued with poetic beauty and highlighted by the bounty and versatility of nature.

Adding on to the evening’s Japanese experience was sake partner Mr. Otaru, who not only served an array of quality sakes, but gifted guests with their very own bottle of Kikuzakari Ginjo from Ueda in Nagano.