Journeys For Change

by Li Haohan
10 Jan 2018

A new travel platform that works with local guides allows travelers to interact closely with communities

Triip hopes to be the world's largest travel-tech company, providing the most authentic local travel experiences to global travelers, according to its co-founder Dr. Yap Kwong Weng. “Triip is different because we are experience-driven, platform-focused, and we create jobs.”


Triip’s methodology allows it to provide the best tours and services in the region. “Anyone can put up a program and we connect them; they instantly become tour guides. But of course, we believe in social trust. We know that's the exception among the woods.”

Triip works with travel agents, volunteers, entrepreneurs and even local interest groups who posses a common trait – “a passion for travel and hope’, says Dr Yap. 

Dr. Yap concedes that the travel services space is ruled by technology companies. Giants like Expedia, and Airbnb dominate the online spaces, while boutique firms are widespread and trying to scale up. “We are always seeking change and looking for opportunities to jump into undefined territories.” 


The company is set to expand its market share in Bhutan, Japan, Southeast Asia and China. “Gaining profits is not our biggest objective,” Dr. Yap says. “Disrupting ourselves and travel markets is our business.” 

Dr Yap understands that the travel industry will be disrupted by technology drivers, but that the human experience cannot be replaced. Triip, he says, is designing a top platform that takes into account both areas. “We want to totally redefine the experience of travel.”

Modern travelers look for a sense of adventure, authenticity and comfort, Dr. Yap emphasizes. “We give them what they want and do even better at providing new experiences using human touch. Nothing beats that.” 

“We conduct a Type-A Retreat for CEOs and executives in Bhutan, which we focus on experimental learning and sharing. We find that peace is the most treasured experience to achieve, and we want to ensure that happens for every one in the group. We also understand that happiness is one of the most important experience factors that travelers seek today.”  

Triip has recently embarked on a recycling program to produce recycled water bottles for travelers. “We are super excited about expanding our traction. We believe in sustainability and it has a direct impact on how we live and travel.”