Loewe launches new basket bags for culture and a cause

by Katherine Arteche
18 May 2020

The timeless craft behind the statement straw bag.

It seems to be the staple accessory come summer time. Woven bags of straw, big or small, are spotted hanging off the shoulders and arms of ladies who are aptly dressed for the season, with stark white ensembles and the occasional headscarf to protect from the summer heat. 

Small Shell Basket Bag in Elephant Grass and Calfskin from LOEWE

The conventional, utilitarian holdall has historic roots in culture, with origins going as far back as 2504 BC when basketry was used to carry materials during the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, according to a study on Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology.

The humble structure of these straw bags are typically handwoven by artisans from North Africa to South America, one which Loewe pays homage to in the latest additions to the Paula Ibiza collection.

Six new styles trump the collection, where each model is uniquely designed in different colors and shapes to represent the cultural style in each region.

From Kenya comes a boxy market bag that is handwoven in multicoloured fibres from the sisal plant; a shell-style design is handwoven by the locals from Ghana; and Morocco’s eccentric spirit is exhibited in a special undulating pattern using reed and calfskin.

Large Basket Bag in Sisal and Calfskin from LOEWE


In an effort to fund education projects for children affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Loewe will be donating 40 Euros for every product sold in the Paula Ibiza 2020 collection. View the range here.