Luxury Reimagined with the BMW i7

by Portfolio Magazine
Photos courtesy of BMW
04 Oct 2022

The first-ever, all-electric BMW i7 luxury sedan is not only a fully integrated member of the exciting 7 Series family, but also an example of how an exclusive driving experience can come with a commitment to sustainability.

Stately. Premium. Exclusive. Performance. These are all key notes of the BMW 7 Series. With the launch of the first-ever BMW i7, you can also add sustainable to the mix of superlatives.

The new, flagship BMW i7 is a trifecta of successes by the Bavarian automotive giant. Superb engineering, awe-inspiring design, and the commitment to sustainable materials and processes combine to make the luxury sedan a car with lofty standards that all competitors will aspire to reach.

The façade already sets the tone, impressing us with its powerfully expressive silhouette, vertically prominent front end and two-piece split headlights. Specific to the i7 is the use of accents in BMW i Blue to reflect the car’s segment-leading sustainability features. It is a statement that says you’re not forgetting the environment when demanding the best performance and comfort from your automobile.

Look a little closer at the new front end and you’ll notice that BMW has gone a step beyond the expected in creating a distinctive headlight signature. The large BMW kidney grille and crystal headlights with illuminated surround and crystal headlights Iconic Glow round off the exquisite look of the car.

Swarovski crystals – arranged in L-shapes, each backlit by 14 LED units – provide sidelights and daytime running lights, presenting a multi-faceted glow that is not only highly functional, but revolutionary.

Furthermore, the lights are activated as the driver approaches the car. Illumination begins with the kidney grille, then the BMW crystal headlights, followed by the standard-fit, dynamic light carpet.

The show of lights climaxes with the sequential display of four graphics from the LED units built into the door to complete a choreography that accentuates a unique digital experience.

BMW has pulled all the stops in building a car that will take automotive technology into the future. Another special feature that comes as an option is the automatic door.

Just a touch on the handles that are built flush into the car body enables the front and rear doors to open or close. This can also be activated with buttons on the BMW Interaction Bar, or the key fob.

Safety is provided by 12 ultrasound sensors on either side of the car as well as visible and audible signals. And if you prefer something more old school, an integral servo mode allows you to open and close them with your hands.

Driving performance of the BMW i7 is unbridled thanks to the dynamic power and refinement of the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. Drive units at the front and rear axles are highly integrated, combining the electric motor, electronics and transmission in a single, compact housing.

The electrically excited synchronous motor provides precise electrical feed to run the rotors without the need of rare earth materials. The result is a smooth transition of power, and virtually silent delivery enhanced by a model-specific mounting concept, and newly developed noise encapsulation for the electric motors.

The combination of the motors at the front and rear wheels generates a total of 400kW/544hp with a tremendous torque of 745Nm. The sedan further impresses with a jaw-dropping 0 to 100km/h time of just 4.7 seconds, and a top speed of 240km/h.

The amazing efficiency of the BMW eDrive technology allows the BMW i7 to reach up to 625km on a single charge in the WLTP cycle. The battery can be charged with up to 195kW on a DC fast charger, and 10-minute quick charging extends driving range by up to 170km (WLTP).

With the 7 Series being the flagship of the BMW range, the BMW i7 comes with a complete suite of driver assistance and safety features. The main approach here is one of harmonising the powertrain and chassis through technology that optimises safety.

Augmented View, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go, and Steering and Lane Control Assistant are some of the of many critical items included.

But the BMW i7 is more than a premium electric sedan with top-of-the-line performance characteristics. Its well-appointed interior oozes with luxuriant features that are second to none.

Surfaces in the new Veganza material or BMW Individual Merino leather/cashmere wool trim enhance multifunction seats with active ventilation and optional massage capabilities.

The luxury factor in the BMW i7 continues through the trim strip of the instrument panel. Fine-wood trim oak mirror finish grey-metallic high-gloss is standard, but options abound with choices ranging from Mirror Oak Grey metallic high-gloss to Carbon Fibre with Silver Threads.

The car sets itself apart with a cockpit that is as finely designed and quiet as any in the world today, and a perfect match for the quietness that is synonymous with electric automobiles.

The BMW Interaction Bar makes its introduction in the new generation of the 7 Series, offering unparalleled entertainment experience and ergonomic usability. The unit is constructed of a crystalline surface with highly effective backlighting and stretches from across nearly the entire front section of the car.

The BMW Interaction Bar presents a new dimension in driver-car connectedness, allowing the user to control many features of the car on its touch control panels. Climate control, hazard light, ambient illumination, and even the opening and closing of the glove compartment are some of the things you can do here.

It also houses the air vents, making it almost invisible to the human eye.

The BMW Interaction Bar also comes to life when you get in and out of the car with a lively, illuminated animation. And the beautiful thing is that certain features of the car, like incoming phone calls, can be customised to be accompanied by a selection of light choices.

This highly intuitive, ergonomically designed cockpit is part of an interior experience that offers the best in innovative user experience.

Like its brethren throughout the 7 Series range, the BMW i7 provides customers with a multi-sensory experience with the latest BMW Operating System 8 and the fully digital BMW Curved Display.

The BMW i7 propels BMW's journey into a new, exciting and sustainable realm where the electrification of performance driving is delivered to those who demand the most from their cars. And its addition to the BMW 7 Series stable continues to validate the brand’s position at the pinnacle of the luxury saloon echelon.

For more details on BMW i7, go to bmw.com.sg.