Marble As Skin

by Anton D. Javier
02 Apr 2018

Technology and craftsmanship come together for a new and incredibly chic take on marble

Marble was never a material associated with delicate executions, what with its solid feel and weight… until now. With the recent partnership between MM Galleri, a pioneer in the marble, furniture, design, and manufacturing sector, and Sharikat National, a business enterprise known for its building design and development, the tough material can now be bent, shaped, and fashioned for a variety of uses.

The premise of the technology borne from the collaboration lies in a combination of highly sophisticated equipment and skills of expert craftsmen, slicing marble to extremely thin dimensions and bent to cover surfaces of any shape or framework that’s formed by metal or wooden structures. As a result, a variety of home furnishings — ranging from curved benches and counters to statement dining tables and bathtubs — can now have the chic marble finish that’s become a staple in modern interior design.

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In addition, the collaboration resulted in the opening of cavernous showroom in Singapore that perfectly highlights the beautiful results of the first-in-the-world technology. According to Mr. Joseph Phang, Managing Director of Sharikat National, “Launching this technology here in Singapore is definitely a boost for the city’s image as a regional hub for cutting edge technology and adds to the vibrancy of our buzzing building landscape.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Peter Tjioe, Creative Director of MM Galleri, says, “With this technology, homes, offices, and buildings can now own the beauty of marble, without the ecological damage that traditional quarrying causes. This revolutionary technology heralds a new world of possibilities on the shape and applications of marble. ‘The new stone age’ has arrived.”

The MM Galleri and Sharikat National bended marble showroom is located at 6 Chin Bee Avenue, Level 4, Singapore 619930