New Beginnings with Babies Bliss

by Portfolio Magazine
Photos courtesy of Babies Bliss
13 Feb 2023

Angelia Ng, Founder and Director of Babies Bliss, explains how they fuse TCM practices and Western medicine to increase women’s chances of conceiving naturally – even for those who are in their mid-40s.

Can you tell us about your personal experience when it came to difficulties in conceiving, the various steps you took, and how you discovered that fertility massages could help?
I was diagnosed with suspected polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when I was only 21, and the doctor told me that I might have difficulties conceiving in the future. This came as a shock to me because I was so young. Additionally, I was at the peak of my youth where I should be enjoying myself, yet I found myself worrying about fertility. Shortly after, I underwent a laparoscopy procedure to puncture the cysts, which led to complications and landed me in the High Dependency Unit.

At that point, there were limited resources available. I started researching on complementary therapies to improve my chances of conceiving. I was in the beauty and wellness industry and worked closely with many professionals including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians, nutritionists, and herbalists who broadened my knowledge. I tried giving myself fertility massages using essential oils, which also utilized TCM principles of meridian acupressure and lymphatic drainage. I managed to conceive naturally one year later after my wedding. This kickstarted my journey in helping to provide other women with fertility massages and wellness therapies.

How did the idea of setting up Babies Bliss come about? Can you walk us through your journey so far, as well as the challenges and triumphs since starting it?
I was in the beauty and wellness industry for 15 years and got to know many women who faced difficulties in conceiving due to medical conditions. Additionally, due to the limited alternative therapies at that time, many of them were physically and emotionally affected by their medical conditions. Having been through the journey myself, I could empathize with them.

I further expanded my knowledge by attending relevant courses to provide all-rounded service to my clients. I initially started on a freelance basis (as I was still working full time), and over the years, as the waiting list of clients started getting longer, I left my full time job to focus on Babies Bliss. Eventually, I opened an outlet at Plaza Singapura in October 2022 to bring more facilities and convenience to clients.

Fertility is not a widely discussed topic in Singapore, as many view it as taboo. Hence, it was a challenge for people to believe in complementary fertility therapies. Thankfully, Babies Bliss gained the trust and faith from our clients, and they have referred their family and friends to us. Another challenge is getting more like-minded women to join the team due to the long working hours and emotional stress from the nature of our work. But for us, our triumphs include the intangible fulfilment we get when clients finally conceive after years of failed attempts. We have even had clients who managed to conceive naturally at age 47!

What is the profile of Babies Bliss’ clients? Are they typically older/younger? Are they mostly locals/Asians?
99% of our clients are females, and around 24% are between age 21-35, while 76% are above age 35. Majority of our clients are Asians. With more awareness on fertility wellness and the gradual lifting of the stigma of being unable to conceive, we are seeing an upward trend of females between age 21-28 and above age 45 seeking fertility wellness treatments since 2021.

At Babies Bliss, you fuse both Western and TCM principles to assist your clients in their journey to conceive a child. Can you specifically tell us what Western practices and TCM principles are brought together to help in conceiving?
At Babies Bliss, we incorporate the use of in-house essential oils that consist of ingredients like female ginseng, astragalus, and frankincense, together with TCM massage methods including meridian acupressure on vital fertility acupoints, customized according to each woman’s fertility cycle and body constitution. Such targeted massages are similar to acupuncture, but the difference is, clients don’t have to undergo the discomfort from needles.

We also have treatments that utilize equipment to help enhance the efficacy of fertility massages by increasing the production of new blood vessels, which in turn improves blood flow to reproductive organs allowing them to function better, and reduces inflammation caused by endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease, thus increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy. Men can also undergo these treatments, which help to balance sperm pH and reduces fructose concentration, as these factors affects sperm motility and velocity.

There will no doubt be naysayers when they learn about the approach at Babies Bliss, but how do you intend to get more people on board with what you do? 
Fertility and wellness massages are indeed uncommon in Singapore and almost unheard of by many. Some might also find our treatments dubious, as they are not doctor-led approaches like IVF or IUI. Thankfully, with the number of success stories, Babies Bliss has established a well-earned reputation amongst the community of women who are trying to conceive and have even received referrals from healthcare professionals.

One of our clients, who has tried conceiving for six years, and has had multiple chemical pregnancies and IVF failures, managed to conceive naturally at age 45 and delivered a healthy baby girl. Another client, who has also had several IVF failures and was told by her specialist to consider getting pregnant via donor eggs due to her age and likelihood of a failed pregnancy due to her poor egg quality, managed to conceive naturally before her planned IVF during her course of program at Babies Bliss.

Our triumphs include the intangible fulfilment we get when clients finally conceive after years of failed attempts. We have even had clients who managed to conceive naturally at age 47.

Can you tell us how the integration of Western and TCM medical principles can shape the future of fertility treatments? 
With co-funding schemes to help Singaporeans alleviate the cost of conception support, together with the move to legalize elective egg freezing for women aged 35 and below, we will expect to see an upward trend of women seeking Western Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). On the other hand, TCM has been widely accepted as a complementary approach to Western medical treatments in modern society as well. Additionally, unlike in the past, there is more awareness on infertility and conception. People are also more aware of the possibilities of infertility, and many have started working on improving their sub-health wellness, even women as young as age 21. As fertility massages are not classified under doctor-led treatments, IVF will remain a more popular choice, but fertility massages will definitely gain popularity as a complementary approach.

In addition to fertility massages, what other services are offered at Babies Bliss that ensure a holistic journey?
Babies Bliss provides prenatal massages for pregnant women between week 20-36 of their gestation period, and postnatal recuperation wellness massages for women who have just given birth. Lactation massages are also available for breastfeeding mothers.

What does Babies Bliss have planned for in 2023 and beyond? What can your clients look forward to?
We’ve started a new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment, which is suitable for males, to address male infertility. These evidence-based therapies have been seen to improve sperm quality by decreasing sperm fragmentation and overcoming oxidative stress. Clients can also look forward to improved fertility and wellness therapies as we continue working closely with our team of specialists.


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