Portfolio Prefers: Gucci Ace Patch Collection

Photos courtesy of Gucci
07 Apr 2017

Gucci's popular Ace sneaker can now be given an instant makeover with snap-on patches

We love Alessandro Michele's Gucci for it respects and rebels at the same time. While his silhouettes and styles draw heavy inspiration from the '70s and '80s, his artistic touch, as well as his fascination with religion, history, and iconography, results in designs that are fantastical and almost otherworldly.  

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Fur-lined loafers and embroidered bags aside, another fan favourite from the brand are the Ace sneakers — a minimalist shoe that's made of leather and watersnake. To add on to the contrasting heel tabs and signature grossgrain stripes, the Pre-Fall range will come with a selection of snap-on patches that instantly gives the pair Michele's signature touch. 

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There are tigers and panthers aplenty here, as well as owls, dragons, pineapples, and even UFOs. If you want a bit of sparkly sophistication, choose from the bejewelled patches, which include an eye, a bee, and a sword-pierced heart.

The Gucci Ace Patch collection will be available in stores this May and online at