Portfolio Prefers: REDValentino Pre Fall 2017

by Isabella Lappe
Photos courtesy of REDValentino
27 Jun 2017

REDValentino’s Pre Fall 2017 collection is all about rebellious expression, with a dash of romanticism and rock n’ roll.

Channel your inner romantic, rock-loving rebel with REDValentino’s Pre Fall 2017 Collection. With just the right balance of attitude and convention, pieces from this transitional range allow for freedom according to your personal whims.

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REDValentino’s it-pieces for the season — which range from tailored to flowy — are all decked out in tones of white, cream, blush, light blue, red and black, resulting in elegance with a subtle modern essence that works whether the soundtrack of your days are sung by Patti Smith or Florence Welch.

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