Taste: Comfort in the Familiar

by Anton D. Javier
12 Oct 2021

A selection of familiar restaurants and chefs that are bringing all new dining experiences

  • IKO


  • Kingfish sashimi
  • Dry-Aged Australian Barley Fed Bone-In striploin
  • Main dining room
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Bedrock recently launched its second outlet, Bedrock Origin, at the new Oasia Resort Sentosa, which boasts a comprehensive menu comprised of the finest steaks and seafood that complements its coastal location. Here, the bounty of both land and sea come together, enhanced by plant-based meat alternatives and keto-friendly options that supports the hotel’s wellness lifestyle ethos.

While Bedrock’s reputation as a top-notch steakhouse still holds true, meat lovers should not sleep on Bedrock Origin’s excellent fish offerings. The Kingfish Sashimi opens the palate nicely with its ceviche soy dressing and wasabi, with an added crunch thanks to the sprinkling of toasted brown rice puffs. For something with a bit more heft, the Aged Kühlbarra Barramundi Tail, which is simply grilled and topped with a mixture of piquant herbs and chili, is sure to win over even the staunchest of carnivores. Also worthy of a spot on the table is the Turbot on the Bone, boasting succulent flesh and irresistible umami notes from the accompanying disc of umami butter perched on top of it.

Just like its sister restaurant, Bedrock Bar & Grill, this new Sentosa outpost boasts a hard-to-beat steak menu comprised of favorites like the 365 days grain fed Ribeye Cap Steak, USDA Prime Tomahawk Steak, and Dry-aged USDA Prime Porterhouse Steak. All these perfectly pair with Bedrock’s iconic selection of sides, such as the Bedrock Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Spicy Brussels Sprouts, and Beed Fat Fried Rice.

Visit Bedrock Origin at #01-02, Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel, 23 Beach View Palawan Ridge, Tel: 6818 3333

  • IKO


  • Cold Ebi somen
  • Beef and Tomato sukiyaki
  • Ichigo Ichie interiors
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Kappo restaurant Ichigo Ichie is helmed by Chef Akane Eno, who is the only female kappo chef in Singapore. As you observe her quietly put together an elegant meal, know that each graceful movement – the flick of a wrist, the delicate placement of a finishing touch for the next dish – is drawn from two decades in the kitchen, with her most recent stint as head chef at Sushi Kimura from 2017 to 2019.

At Ichigo Ichie, Chef Eno presents a contemporary take on kappo cuisine, driven by seasonality and quality ingredients sourced from suppliers she personally knows. What’s more, she is not afraid to use unexpected elements in her dishes (think cream cheese, curry leaves, and maqaw peppers), resulting in different dimensions to familiar flavors. One such dish is the Cold Ebi Somen, which she reveals is inspired by the local favorite, prawn noodles. This signature dish features Miwa somen, Japanese prawn, prawn broth, uni, tonburi, yuzu, and chili paste. Then there is her take on Chawanmush, which has an added element of creaminess from cream cheese and bursts of sweetness from the kernels of sweet corn.  

At the moment, guests can also enjoy a variety of dishes that feature special ingredients like golden ikura and Iga Beef, which is used in the Iga Beef and Tomato Sukiyaki. As with most Japanese restaurants, the Donabe at Ichigo Ichie is something worth looking forward to, comprised of changing seasonal ingredients that add excitement and anticipation every time the donabe’s lid is opened before you.

Visit Ichigo Ichie at 1 Nanson Road, #02-07A, Intercontinental Robertson Quay, Tel: 9018 2897

  • IKO


  • Uni
  • Iberico pluma
  • IKO interiors
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Ex-Le Binchotan chef-owner Jeremmy Chiam is back with IKO, a modern Japanese restaurant that highlights what he does best: Bringing together European culinary flair with quality Japanese ingredients. What results is a fun, urban setting along Neil Road, anchored by mouthwatering food and an exceptional selection of sake and Japanese-inspired cocktails.

If you’ve ever dined at Le Binchotan, you’ve most probably enjoyed Chef Chiam’s signature uni and corn pudding creation. And if it’s something you’ve missed, you’ll be pleased to know that it has somewhat resurfaced at IKO. Simply known as UNI (under the ‘Raw’ category in the menu), the dish now features creamy purple cauliflower pudding layered with dashi jelly, and crowned with buttery bafun uni and shiso flowers. Complementing this is the SOMEN, which is comprised of pink ume-infused Japanese noodles, torched botan ebi, green chive and shiso oil, and purple viola flowers.

Meanwhile, the Robata section of the menu is comprised of prized seafood and meats that are chargrilled over binchotan. The IBERICO PLUMA is a personal favorite, where a succulent slab of pork loin is served atop carrot puree and raisins, lending the dish an addictive sweetness and smokiness. The JAPANESE BLACK COD is unassuming in its simplicity, but proves to be unforgettable. The thick cod fillet is first cured in saikyo miso for up to 72 hours and then grilled until tender and buttery. Finally, a sprinkling of sudachi lime adds brightness and zing, cutting through the cod’s inherent oiliness. 

Visit IKO at 65 Neil Road, Tel: 8866 5218