The Future Of Sound

03 Jul 2019

From its beginnings as a record library to becoming one of Singapore’s leading distributors of high-end audiovisual equipment, Atlas continues to challenge the retail industry through leadership and a finger that’s firmly on the pulse of ever-changing retail trends

Atlas, one of Singapore’s most trusted names in the audiovisual industry, traces its humble beginnings back to 1962. After more than five decades in the market, it now enjoys the distinction of being the leading distributor of premium audio equipment here and in Malaysia.

But it hasn’t always been about hi-fi systems and the latest tech innovations. When founder Mr. A.B. Tien started the company, he first established a record library in Market Street, renting out records to fellow music lovers. Soon after, he started offering advice when it came to sound systems, which led to the establishment of Atlas Sound in 1963. This natural progression allowed the company to evolve into a premium equipment provider.

While relationships with a variety of brands, particularly Bose, were formed and strengthened by Mr. Tien, his son Michael Tien was instrumental in its expansion and transformation, starting in 1986 when the company was re-launched and renamed Atlas Hi-Fi.

In September 2017, Michael returned as Chief Executive Officer of the company, which now goes by Atlas Sound & Vision. Through his leadership, the Atlas team strives to focus on delivering commitments to customers, ensuring reliability and expertise. In addition, Michael has been a driving force in spearheading Atlas’ brand identity, all while steering the company to what it knows and does best: Cultivating authentic connections while engaging customers and partners.

Today, the Manchester Business School alumnus has recognized the changing nature of the audiovisual industry. Gone are the days of listening to music exclusively on records and CD’s or watching shows on dedicated TV channels. Streaming services like Spotify and Netflix are the new norm, complementing the modern consumer’s curated, digital lifestyle. How then does the company change with the times? Pinpointing retail trends, that’s how.

Throughout his career, Michael has identified three major shifts in retail, with the first being product-focused (Retail 1.0), followed by a customer-centric approach (Retail 2.0), and finally something that is experience-centric (Retail 3.0). “Right now, our business is focused on delivering an omni-channel experience to the customers,” he reveals. Instead of retail spaces packed with full product ranges with an endless list of brands, Atlas has developed smaller showrooms that focus on communicating specific brands and their Unique Selling Point. 

“What customers get from showrooms today is brand recall, and that doesn’t require a lot of space,” says Michael. “We have products that they can interact with, but for a fuller experience of complex entertainment systems, we welcome them to our Discovery Centre at Leong Huat Building on Harper Road.”

Brands To Note

Atlas Sound & Vision’s trusted brands that offer something special for all AV enthusiasts 


A Japanese tech brand known for amplifiers, digital source, tuners, and more


A leading brand for home theater systems, soundbars, speakers, headphones, and more


Award-winning French audio brand known for stylish and design-forward speakers and accessories


This German brand is celebrated for its sleek and high-tech offerings that include televisions and speakers


Exceptional design, quality, and craftsmanship from this renowned speaker brand from Switzerland


High-end speaker brand from Austria that brings together the best of technology, design, and art

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