This Collaboration is Redefining Skincare in Singapore

by Priyanka Elhence
10 Apr 2024

JAH Life’s proprietary graphene water, SanitatemAlpha, collaborates with local beauty brand TOS Skin to revolutionise the clean beauty and skincare industries.

Clean beauty, a popular trend in conscious consumerism, refers to natural, safe, and non-toxic ingredients used in beauty and skincare products. With the increasing number of skin concerns like eczema in Singapore, clean beauty’s commitment to purity not only safeguards human health, but also extends to environmental responsibility by excluding harmful chemicals (such as parabens and synthetic fragrances), which can potentially contribute to skin irritation, cancer, and endocrine disruption.

Local deep tech research firm JAH Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of JAH Tech set up in 2020, aims to create a positive, lasting impact on everyday life, health, and the environment by incorporating their proprietary technologies into skincare, as well as health and wellness products for improved clean beauty and skincare solutions.

JAH Life believes it has achieved just that with graphene, a carbon allotrope discovered in 2010, which is one of the world’s strongest raw materials to date. JAH Life’s innovative breakthrough formulation of its proprietary graphene water, SanitatemAlpha, is a game-changing ingredient that addresses the performance and efficacy gaps in the market.

Traslin Tan and Shermaine Lee, Co-Founders of TOS Skin with Tan Chong Hui, CEO and Co-Founder of JAH Tech

Tan Chong Hui, CEO and Co-Founder of JAH Tech (parent company of deep tech firms JAH Life, JAH Cultura, JAH Materials, and JAH Gaia), says, “BBC and many other news channels have long reported on graphene being widely referred to as a ‘miracle material’; and CNN recently also spoke about the use of graphene to ‘enhance the performance’ of water desalination filters. We used JAH’s proprietary technology to build on one of the strongest materials as a solution for many uses, starting with skincare. The potential of our graphene water, SanitatemAlpha, with its multiple derma-care attributes, can significantly enhance skincare products.”

The novel, multifunctional cosmetic active ingredient is composed of nano-carbon and natural elements (that are safe on human skin), such as carbon, water, and sodium. SanitatemAlpha can be easily formulated into any beauty and skincare base as daily moisturizing or medical creams to provide relief from skin inflammation, fungal issues, and skin allergies. Following rigorous testing conducted by skin testing laboratory Denova Sciences, SanitatemAlpha was found to be non-toxic at high concentrations, with several other skincare benefits including anti-aging, non-irritating, anti-inflammatory, and skin-brightening attributes. It also increases the SPF and UVA PF values of sunscreen lotions by over 20 percent, eliminating the need for additional, potentially harmful SPF-enhancing ingredients. With its ability to penetrate quickly through the dermal layers, SanitatemAlphaserves as a catalyst for the absorption of other skincare ingredients. 

So why has the potential of graphene not been fully harnessed until now? “It takes a long time to develop deep technology, so this industry’s barrier to entry is high. With over two decades of deep tech research, and with the current formulation tested across multiple countries and products for over eight years, SanitatemAlpha has shown remarkable efficacy for anti-inflammation and skin repair without the use of steroids,” shares Tan.            

TOS Skin, a local beauty brand known for its clean beauty philosophy and safe, non-irritant, chemical- and hormone-free skin products collaborated with JAH for better clean beauty products. “We avoided the use of conventional cosmetic chemical binders as we wanted to strictly stick with using ‘clean beauty’ ingredients, and it took almost two years to finally develop formulas for SanitatemAlpha to be compatible with the rest of our ingredients. It was our firm belief in using only clean and safe ingredients that gave us the patience and persistence to successfully develop our newest line of graphene water-enhanced products,” shares Shermaine Lee, Co-Founder of TOS Skin, who worked closely with her formulators in the R&D process.       

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"We used JAH’s proprietary technology to build on one of the strongest materials as a solution for many uses, starting with skincare. The potential of our graphene water, SanitatemAlpha™, with its multiple derma-care attributes, can significantly enhance skincare products.” - Tan Chong Hui

Witnessing substantial improvements in people with highly sensitive skin through rigorous testing in spa and facial treatments incorporated with SanitatemAlpha, TOS Skin has introduced three graphene water-enhanced products: TOS Skin Brilliant Visage Serum, TOS Kids Skin Relief Spray, and the top-selling TOS Soothing Spray, for enhanced healing and reduction of redness and swelling.    

Traslin Tan, Co-Founder of TOS Skin, shares, “We are constantly developing new and better solutions to meet today’s demands, and JAH Life’s graphene water will help us make that difference.”

JAH Life’s Tan adds, “TOS Skin’s approach to clean skincare is a growing trend as users become more educated on what they put on their skin. With SanitatemAlpha‘s multifactorial efficacy, formulators can create high-performing products with simplified, less intricate compositions –  a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of our technology’s approach of achieving more with less. We are excited to embark on such a strong start in the skincare industry with this partnership with TOS Skin.”

More JAH Life collaborations with other beauty industry partners are also in the pipeline to address a broader range of skin-related concerns. “In the past, formulators and skin specialists were sceptical of our technology’s efficacy, but now that they can thoroughly test and evaluate our tech, the only question is how to include it in their current or new formulations,” says Tan.  SanitatemAlpha has also been recently admitted into China’s INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), a body well-known for its rigorous standards, thus boosting the graphene water’s international credibility.

“Consumers seeking effective products with clean ingredients will see SanitatemAlpha’s enhanced formulations as cutting-edge alternatives to conventional steroid-based products. We are committed to deepening our collaboration with TOS Skin and developing even more effective products tailored to diverse user needs,” continues Tan. “With growing awareness and increased numbers of products being launched this year, we aim to have our SanitatemAlpha as a standard active across all clean skincare products.”

Beyond wellness and skincare, JAH Life’s technology is also being used in diverse applications in the pet care industry, including pet shampoo, skin therapy spray, oral hygiene care spray, non-rinse conditioner, and graphene-infused pet bedding. 

“JAH Life is dedicated to continuing being a key player in elevating the wellness and skincare industry worldwide, by harnessing the power and potential of the SanitatemAlphatechnology. Our focus extends to exploring treatments for more severe skin conditions within the pharmaceutical realm, a development that will unfold under a dedicated medical-focused spin-off, set to launch later this year,” concludes Tan.