What's In My Portfolio: Julien Royer

Art Direction by VC Chong
Photography by Chino Sardea
Videography by Tracey Nguyen
23 Sep 2019

2019 has been a crazy year for me and for the whole team at Odette. We were named Asia’s Best Restaurant this year and climbed to No. 18 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

It has been just a little less than four years since we opened in 2015, so we are incredibly grateful and humbled by this recognition. It is a good reward for all the hard work, pride and passion that we put into Odette, but more than that, we are so happy to say that we have been fully booked for day one of opening. 

This year I also collaborated with Air France, designing a new tailor-made and regularly renewed menu for travelers between Singapore and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. I was inspired to recreate a refined French dining experience in one of the most exceptional settings — up in the air. It was an interesting challenge for me as a chef and an exciting project to work on. 

Last month, I was also happy to bring a different kind of personal cuisine to Hong Kong through Louise, in partnership with JIA Group. It is my first overseas project since opening Odette, and the cuisine there will highlight the honest cooking I was brought up with, through quality produce and cooking techniques that bridge the gap between fine dining and a way of eating that can be enjoyed every day. 

Capturing the elegance of the seasons at Odette will always be my first passion and focus. I love the beautiful way time passes in nature, bringing us a range of flavors and textures to excite the palate while still offering a unique sense of comfort to our guests.