A Wealth of Discoveries at Empire Treasures

by Astrid Young
Photos courtesy of Empire Treasures
02 Dec 2020

Empire Treasures boasts beautifully designed jewellery and the finest gemstones, which make for the perfect holiday gifts

Empire Treasures is a specialised jewellery boutique that caters to luxury jewellery enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond. It is conveniently located in Singapore’s Orchard Road area and is well loved for its remarkable collections that are made using the world’s highest quality gemstones.

At the helm is Nitsa Chia, a wife, mother of three, and self-confessed jewellery fanatic. “I see jewellery as a way of expression and communication because each piece is unique and has a story to tell,” shares Chia. “I personally enjoy the process of picking out jewellery to wear for the day because it is a way for me to convey my personality and emotions without words.”

Here, Chia shares more about Empire Treasures, as well as the fanciful pieces perfect for gifting during the holiday season.

How did Empire Treasures come about?
Empire Treasures is a gift from my husband, Thomas Chia, who has always been aware of the passion I have for jewellery. Looking back, it’s funny how it all began because I once casually mentioned to him how great it would be if I had a platform where I could share and exchange with fellow jewellery enthusiasts in Singapore.

One day, he surprised me with the best gift I could ever ask for, which was Empire Treasures. You could say that it is more than a boutique – I treat it as a blessing, so perhaps at this point in time, I actually have fours kids instead of three!

My husband and I see Empire Treasures as a platform to communicate with anyone who may already be an avid jewellery enthusiast, as well as those who have no prior knowledge about jewellery, but would like to know more. We are always keen to share our knowledge and experience, from how the pieces are made to the final products that you see in our store at Scotts Square.

What is the USP of Empire Treasures?
The designs of the jewellery we carry at Empire Treasures are timeless and one-of-a-kind. We also proudly offer fine gemstones with exceptional value and rare colours, which are sourced and handpicked from our travels around the world.

Tell us more about your offerings and the inspiration behind the jewellery.
We carry a wide range of jewellery and gemstones ranging from jade, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Our philosophy and aim is to bring only the finest and most exquisite designs to our clientele because they deserve the best.

Most of the time, our designs are inspired by things that we see around us, such as leaves, flowers, birds, insects. With some imagination, colour, and the perfect gemstones, they are transformed into amazing works of art. As the saying goes, nature’s bounty is God’s gift to mankind.

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While I am not a jewellery designer, I work closely with our designers and encourage them to play around with designs and different gemstones to see what the end result is. Sometimes, the unexpected can bring out great things.

Can you tell us what your clientele is like and what kind of jewellery they usually look for?
Many of them are luxury jewellery enthusiasts from Asia that appreciate the rare gemstones we carry, which they add to their collections. At times, our clients also have requests for bespoke jewellery, which we always welcome. It is an honour for us that they trust us to realise something that they have in mind. For instance, a piece that they entrust us with could be a representation of everlasting love for their other half.

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With the holiday season coming soon, what type of jewellery makes for the best kind of Christmas gift? What options can shoppers look forward to at Empire Treasures?
These are some of my personal recommendations:

  • Diamond Bracelet – It’s elegant, timeless, and incredibly beautiful
  • Diamond Earrings – It’s suitable for all occasions and festive gatherings like Christmas and a New Year’s Eve party. Our diamond earrings are made with care and precision
  • Gemstone Bracelet – Single colour or multi-coloured designs are able to add flair to the wrist with a dazzling effect
  • Gemstone necklace and pendant - Coloured gemstones are bound to draw attention. The vivid colours add character and personality to any outfit

What's in store for Empire Treasures for 2021?
In 2021, we will continue to source for the best gemstones and diamonds to design a new and more affordable collection for Empire Treasures. In addition to selling jewellery, we will also focus on educational talks to inform buyers of the value of the collection pieces, as well as the origin of each jewellery piece.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, digital consultations will also be implemented. Our experienced and professional consultants will be able to recommend the most suitable piece of jewellery for our buyers, which will hopefully make their buying experience more enjoyable.

Visit Empire Treasures at Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, #01-11

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