Crafting A Resilient Legacy: Let’s Talk About Property

02 Mar 2021

Ismail Gafoor of PropNex Realty and David Chua of Prudential Singapore on how to make property investments a worry-free and vital component of any portfolio

In land-scarce Singapore, conversations on property investment always get people talking. It is a subject matter that raises many questions and it definitely finds people on both sides of the fence.

This was the topic of discussion on 5 November 2020 at the second installment of “Crafting A Resilient Legacy”, Opus by Prudential’s three-part webcast series. Sharing their valuable insights on how property can form part of a resilient portfolio were Ismail Gafoor, Executive Chairman and CEO of PropNex Realty and David Chua, Chief Investment Officer at Prudential Singapore.

Opus by Prudential is an exclusive and bespoke proposition developed for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and offers a unique, dedicated approach to wealth management and legacy planning, comprising professional advice as well as tailored solutions and services. Opus’ ultimate goal is to help its customers get the most out of life today, while helping them craft their legacy for tomorrow.


A Place to Call Our Own

The hour-long webcast found Gafoor and Chua talking about the latest property trends in Singapore, as well as their personal experience with it. A salient point that Gafoor brought up during the conversation was an individual’s approach towards incorporating property into his/her portfolio. They should evaluate whether it is an asset or liability, especially when it comes to the type of property they choose to invest in, where the property is located, and whose name it falls under.

In support of Gafoor’s professional opinion, Chua added, “Ultimately, risk and return are just both sides of the same coin. Always look at the risk first — that’s always my approach. Ask what the downsides are and then look at the returns after that.”

Opus supports its customers in many goals. These include wealth creation, estate equalisation, legacy planning and asset protection.

What’s more, with the right insurance solutions, Opus by Prudential helps its customers maximise the value of their assets, and plan for a successful transfer of wealth to the next generation. As a result, their loved ones can look forward to a secure future and enjoy the moments that truly matter.

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