Crafting A Resilient Legacy: The Importance Of Early Education

09 Mar 2021

Dr. Elaine Kim of Trehaus and Lim Ji Hsien discuss how education and a legacy plan will pave the way for a secure future ahead

Education is one of the most important pillars of human existence. From technical and soft skills to critical thinking, education equips us with learnings that can help us grow into well-rounded individuals. This is vital in preparing us to navigate life with a degree of certainty.

On 12 November, education was at the heart of the third and final installment of Opus by Prudential's three-part webcast series "Crafting a Resilient Legacy". Speaking on the importance of education and the lasting legacy it leaves was Dr. Elaine Kim, mother of three and founder and CEO of Trehaus, a preschool focused on changing the concept of early education. Joining her was Lim Ji Hsien, Head of High Net Worth Solutions at Prudential Singapore.

Opus by Prudential is an exclusive and bespoke proposition developed for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and offers a unique, dedicated approach to wealth management and legacy planning, comprising professional advice as well as tailored solutions and services. Opus’ ultimate goal is to help its customers get the most out of life today, while helping them craft their legacy for tomorrow.


Drawing Parallels

During the session, Dr. Kim spoke about her personal experiences as a mother and how important it is to equip her children with the legacy of education.

On why she started Trehaus, she shared, “Today, there is so much more that children need to succeed in the world. So when my co-founders and I started Trehaus, we saw it as a place where we are really raising change makers of the future; by bringing together education that focuses on things that are not what you typically see in other pre-schools or childcare centres — empathy, grit, love for learning, building character, and having integrity.”

Using Dr. Kim’s experience and findings as a jumping off point, Lim says, “In our industry, we are starting to see a shift in views and trends that resonates with what Dr. Kim has shared. These days, it is not just about leaving behind a financial legacy, but more about teaching the next generation how to survive and thrive in a new world situation like the one we’re currently in. From a new perspective, legacy planning has been brought forward much earlier.”

Lim concludes, “These days, it is also about character building and value legacies. So perhaps that’s the reason why the trend has shifted in line with what Dr. Kim shared with us.”

With this webcast discussion, strong parallels were drawn between the importance of education and legacy planning for the viewers, which sets the stage for a secure future ahead.

While education allows for children to grow with knowledge and security, Opus by Prudential's efforts in legacy planning equips the customer with the know-how to effectively and seamlessly transfer assets to loved ones. Finally, discussions surrounding a legacy plan also goes beyond the transfer of real estate or cash assets — it includes family values to impart to the next generation.

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