Crafting A Resilient Legacy: Preparing For The Unexpected 

23 Feb 2021

Together with Opus by Prudential, Angjolie Mei of The Life Celebrant and Vikna Rajah of Rajah & Tann make a case for the importance of always being prepared, given the uncertainties we all face in life

Never has mortality been such a widely discussed topic. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely got many thinking of the “what ifs” at one point — “What if it was me? Am I prepared?” 

On 3 November 2020, these “what if” questions were brought to the fore at Opus by Prudential's three-part webcast series “Crafting A Resilient Legacy”, which featured speakers Angjolie Mei, founder and CEO of The Life Celebrant and Vikna Rajah, Equity Partner at Rajah & Tann in the first session. 

Opus by Prudential is an exclusive and bespoke proposition developed for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and offers a unique, dedicated approach to wealth management and legacy planning, comprising professional advice as well as tailored solutions and services. Its ultimate goal is to help their customers get the most out of life today, while helping them craft their legacy for tomorrow.

Crafting a Legacy that Lasts

During the hour-long webcast, Mei posed a thought-provoking question: “What if the family breadwinner unexpectedly passes away, leaving behind his wife and children? And then you discover they don’t have an insurance policy. Will the family left behind be able to live life to the fullest?”

This question reminds us that not only will the family experience emotional challenges, the unexpected passing of their loved one could also come along with financial worry and burden. With this in mind, Mei reminds us not to be complacent, especially when a lot of us have this misconception that we have all the time in the world. 

Rajah shares the same sentiments, zooming in on HNWIs who are at the height of their success. “While these people are enjoying their fortune and successful businesses, crafting a will may not be at the forefront of what comes to mind,” he shares. 

With the support of Opus by Prudential and their independent panel of experts, HNWIs who have worked hard to build what they have accumulated over their lifetime will be assured that their legacy will last for years, or even decades, beyond them.

Crafting a legacy plan can also help ensure that the legacies of those who will succeed them (HNWIs) are future-proofed as well. Whatever strategy they employ, it is only smart to work with a financial professional and maximise what they can leave for the family.

Opus by Prudential is dedicated to supporting its customers' goals for wealth accumulation and legacy planning, making it easier for them to focus on their business and what really matters in life — spending time doing what they love, with whom they love and ultimately enjoying life.

For more information, visit www.prudential.com.sg/opus