MIDO Introduces Special Editions of the Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer

Special feature by MIDO
30 Jun 2023

The retro-styled dive watch adds a GMT function to its colorful mix.

The new Decompression watch to join the Ocean Star collection returns with brightly colored fanfare in two specially made iterations, momentarily transporting those who wear it to new and exciting horizons. The first, in a multicolored dial, pays homage to the Ocean Diver Skin Diver Watch of the 1960s, whose chromatic hues earned it the nickname “Rainbow”.

The second reiteration features the decompression table in an orange gradient, a tribute to Mido's signature colors. This new revival however adds a second timezone to the main hours, along with a world time bezel.

We take a closer look at the watch’s vintage-styled look and its new multifunctional use.


Colors from the '60s

Before it became the Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer, the watch had origins in the 1961 Ocean Star Skin Diver Watch “Powerwind 1000”. The bold, colorful design adopted for the decompression table dial was an added visual **** for divers – it provides information to measure the time and depth of a dive so that a safe ascent can be calculated and displayed in order to avoid decompression sickness.

Survival functions aside, the bright blue, pink, green, and yellow rings became a favorable aesthetic, and the Skin Diver became a fun-looking tool watch to wear on the wrist. The new Decompression Worldtimer preserves the evocative dial, keeping it framed in a navy blue bezel insert and completed with a matching textured dark blue rubber strap.

The second version in black is a modernized take on the watch, where the decompression rings are indicated in shades of orange to yellow instead. Both watches come with an additional stainless steel polished Milanese mesh strap.


An Added GMT Function

In addition to the main hours (home time), running seconds, and date, the Decompression Worldtimer adds a second time zone, which is indicated with a red arrow. The bi-directional rotating bezel is marked with 24 reference cities, which allows the wearer to turn to their preferred time zone.

The watch runs on an automatic winding movement with a provision of 80 hours in power reserve, and is housed in a screw-down case back that provides water resistance of up to 200 meters.

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