Seeking Perfection

by Mr Thomas Wong, Mentor and Chief Technical Director,
The Prestigious Bespoke Tailors

Portrait by Chino Sardea
08 Oct 2017

Following The Prestigious Bespoke Tailors' win at the recent Singapore Retailers Association Ball & Retail Awards 2017, we caught up with Mr Thomas Wong who makes a case for commissioning a bespoke suit.

A lot of people have asked me why they should commission a bespoke suit rather than pick one off the rack – for a lot less. Commissioning a bespoke suit has many advantages.

Firstly, the master tailor creates the garment according to your body posture, not just your measurements, so you’re assured not only of a perfect fit but a flattering one that highlights your positive traits and downplays whatever may require less attention. Because of this, the garment drapes naturally and beautifully.

If a gentleman wants a suit in exclusive fabrics, such as merino wool, vicuna, or cashmere, his best option is a bespoke suit. Some of these are available as ready-to-wear garment, but unless one possesses a fit model physique, alterations will be very tricky. Lastly, with a bespoke suit, one can have as many personalized details as one wishes.

If you are sitting on the fence about getting a bespoke suit, ask yourself what kind of tailoring do you want. Are you after what’s sartorially fashionable? Is price an important factor? My personal style is to focus on the business client who needs to appear respectable and credible.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the suit outsourced. Tailors who can do the entire process of making a suit in-house have better control the entire process, and can thus better produce exceptional suits.

Lastly, find out if the House has interest in constant skill upgrade. You want a House that constantly challenges and enhances the skills of its tailors. All my tailors are university graduates, and we take an intellectual approach to tailoring.

To further improve our skills, I have recently welcomed Rory Duffy, a Savile Row master tailor and Parsons School of Fashion lecturer into the group.

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