The Hybrid Solution by Lexus

by Alfonso Pereira
Images courtesy of Lexus
19 May 2022

Lexus introduces the NX 450h+ F SPORT — the brand’s first-ever Plug-In Hybrid vehicle.

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2022 is off to a great start at Lexus, which recently launched the all-new NX in Singapore – the first model of Lexus’ next-generation lineup. Together with our ever-changing world, evolving consumer preferences, and greater importance placed on sustainability, the all-new NX follows suit and has been re-designed and re-engineered to meet the lifestyle of today’s car owners and enthusiasts.

On offer are three different powertrains, which include the hybrid Lexus NX 350h, the sporty Lexus NX 350 F SPORT, as well as the brand’s first-ever Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) – the Lexus NX 450h+ F SPORT, which we’ll be shining the spotlight on since it’s in line with the global “Lexus Electrified” electrification strategy to accelerate the rollout of electrified vehicles.

Of the launch, Samuel Yong, Strategic Marketing and Business Strategy Director of Inchcape Singapore, shares, “Lexus has always been committed to the spirit of innovation and in line with our vision for ‘Lexus Electrified’, we are setting the stage for a new era of luxury and the next chapter of the Lexus journey as we strive to create a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future.”

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The Electrifying NX 450h+ F SPORT

Launched in early Q1 of 2022, Lexus’ first PHEV powertrain in the all-new Lexus NX brought the “Lexus Electrified” vision to life. At a glance, the model boasts practical EV range, powerful acceleration performance, and superior quietness.

Upon closer inspection, here’s what’s to be expected from the plug-in hybrid system used in the NX PHEV: It’s equipped with a thermally efficient 2.5-liter inline four-engine, a high-capacity, high-output lithium-ion battery of 18.1 kilowatt-hour (kWh), and front and rear electric motors.

What’s more, the NX 450h+ also provides a substantially higher EV range thanks to its powerful battery and superior efficiency. The new battery’s performance also allows for all-electric driving at speeds up to 135 km/h. With Lexus’ new compact and lightweight hybrid transaxle, the plug-in hybrid electric system delivers fuel efficiency and power that’s best-in-class.

With the NX 450h+, drivers can alternate between four driving modes at the touch of a switch, allowing them to navigate Singapore’s roads, routes, and terrains in the best way possible. These modes include EV mode, AUTO EV/HEV mode, HEV mode, and Self-charge mode.

In HEV mode, the engine and motor work together to achieve higher acceleration performance. When AUTO EV/HEV mode is selected with a destination keyed into the navigation system, Lexus’ first anticipatory EV/HEV mode will automatically switch to HEV mode on highways and other road conditions based on data like remaining battery power and route, resulting in more energy-efficient driving.


Performance and Style

The Lexus NX F SPORT range delivers a fiercer, sportier impression through stylish exterior features like special 20-inch alloy wheels, a spoiler on the lower bumper, and front-side garnishes.

Within, the Tazuna Concept comes into play, which creates a driver-focused cockpit. The word Tazuna is derived from the “reins” used to control horses. In this setting, it aims to enhance the joy of controlling a car at will by enabling better communication between driver and vehicle. This human-centered cockpit philosophy allows for a seamless, intuitive connection between driver and car to help enhance concentration while on the road.

Another new feature in the NX is the Touch Tracing Operation, which combines the Head-up Display with touch sensor switches on the steering wheel, allowing for the operation guide to be displayed on the Head-up Display or on the meter when the Display is switched off. This allows for more intuitive operation and lets the driver keep their eyes forward.

Finally, the Head-up Display offers three modes drivers can choose from, according to the driving situation. Each selection presents different information for maximum driving pleasure, all while maintaining a clear view of the surrounding road conditions.

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