The New 007 Trailer is Here, Along with a New Watch

by Katherine Arteche
09 Dec 2019

Omega debuts the latest Seamaster 007 edition in the new espionage film.

The James Bond franchise enters its 25th installment in April 2020, and judging by the trailer, 007’s story seems more complicated than ever.

We have the classic espionage elements: a bulletproof Aston Martin DB5, another dreaded Pandora’s box of secrets being opened, another Bond girl, and what seems to be an all-around foretelling of the death of James Bond. “It’ll be the death of him”, “Only your skills die with your body”, and not forgetting the word “die” in the title itself. What is going on?!

While the fanatics are out here dissecting the trailer to bits, eagle-eyed fans would spot the new Omega Seamaster 007 on Daniel Craig’s wrist (1:51). The vintage accents – brown aluminum on the bezel and vintage Super-LumiNova on the dial – cleverly hints at the well-aged movie franchise. The case and bracelet are fashioned from Grade 2 titanium, the latter which is stylized in mesh.

The caseback is engraved with a series of numbers, which would make a spy-wannabe excited about deciphering code. “0552” is the code-number specified for Navy personnel; “923 7697” are numbers for a divers’ watch; “A” is a code used to signify a watch with a screw-in crown; “007” is James Bond’s iconic agent number, and “62” is the year of the very first James Bond film.

If James Bond were a watch, this would be it. The engraved format follows real ****-issued watches, which is essentially who 007 really is.

“When working with OMEGA, we decided that a lightweight watch would be key for a **** man like 007,” says Daniel Craig, whose influence played a part in the watch’s creation. “I also suggested some vintage touches and colour to give the watch a unique edge. The final piece looks incredible.” 

And what about that broad arrow? It’s a symbol used to indicate British government property, with particular association to the Royal Navy. And in order to prevent people from branding the arrow wherever they like, special permission has to be given from the British Ministry of Defence to utilize it.

The watch is 42mm and runs on the Master Chronometer Calibre 8806. It will be released in OMEGA boutiques from February 2020. 

Watch the trailer here: