You Could Make an Entire Wish List with Just These Timepieces from Hamilton

10 Dec 2021

Hamilton celebrates the festivities with a selection of timepieces that would make perfect gifts for you and your loved ones.

Word is that a Hamilton watch is going to be in the movies — again — and this time, it’s set to debut in the widely anticipated new Matrix film, The Matrix Resurrections. Avid fans would know that Hamilton is no stranger to the Hollywood scene.

So if there’s no cooler reason than knowing that your next watch is associated with box-office blockbusters, then here’s a few to collect.

The new Matrix watch in question is the American Classic PSR Digital Quartz. It’s a revival of the original Pulsar, also known as the world’s first digital watch, so the watch carries a substantial amount of symbolism.

Whilst the film’s version is a limited edition design in all black, the stainless steel LED-display recreation is closer to the 1970 original.

The Ventura has become a resident watch in the Men in Black franchise. Its triangular watch face lends to the futuristic aesthetic, yet has an air of retro — Elvis Presley first flashed the Ventura on the silver screen in 1961's Blue Hawaii

Today, the watch has fleshed out a modern rendition in his name. The Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Automatic is decked out in all black, save for the red accent that runs across the dial, giving homage to the singer’s eclectic style.

This only cuts it close but a Khaki Field model makes an appearance in Far Cry 6, a first-person shooter action adventure game by Ubisoft. While the game’s version is in Titanium, the Mechanical Bronze version has all the elements of a tool watch — suitable level of water resistance (50 metres), legible 24-hour scale, and a bronze case that’s subjected to a unique patina that’s dependent on what you do with it.

And last but not least, a wrist takeover from a watch that’s as oversized as the Khaki Aviation X-Wind Auto Chrono could only star in a premise on a similar scale. Liam Hemsworth wore one in Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). 

The 45mm stainless steel case is equipped with three screw-down crowns and two pushers that all control the time, day, date, chronograph function and a drift angle calculator. The latter is used in aerial navigation to determine the effect of crosswind (the greater the crosswind, the greater the hindrance to smoother landings and takeoffs).

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