On The Go Anytime, Anywhere

30 Nov 2020

The Lexus RX 300 is packed with features that make driving a sheer convenient pleasure wherever one may be headed

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For over a year now, Aaron Tan has been driving his Lexus RX 300 nearly everywhere. This is his second Lexus RX. “It is my all-around car,” the young entrepreneur says proudly, “for work, for driving my family around, and even for weekend leisure drives.”

Aaron Tan is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector. As a maverick who has revolutionized the entertainment sector with the creative application of technology. His recent accolade is also bagging the Singapore Excellence Award for having demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in the business field.

Naturally, foremost in Tan’s mind whenever he has his family on board is safety. “A range of reliable safety features protects me and my family as we enjoy our ride. The Lexus RX has a suite of safety features from the Lexus Safety System+, including the Pre-Collision System, a timely brake warning when it senses obstructions ahead, and a Lane Tracking Alert, which emits a warning signal when the car veers off the lane or if there is a car on a blind spot – these are enough to give me a peace of mind.”

But comfort and convenience are not far behind for the father of two. “This SUV is the perfect choice for my family – my kids enjoy traveling in maximum comfort in the second row seat, which has the recline and slide functions,” he says. On long trips, they even take a nap in the roomy seat, where they remain undisturbed thanks to the smooth and stable drive.


Work & Convenience

Every day sees Tan traveling across town for business appointments, and this is where he relies on the easy control via the touchscreen display, as well as the wireless charging function for his mobile, that make driving more convenient.

“The Head-Up Display is also very helpful as I can focus on the road while I drive, and still see all the info read-outs that I need,” he adds.

“When my hands are full, the power backdoor is a great convenience. With the electronic key in the pocket, the back door will automatically open or close with a simple wave of my foot under the rear bumper.”


Leisure & Features

A regular weekend sportsman, Tan drives his Lexus RX wherever he wants to ride his bike. Thankfully, the power-folding second row seat enhances the versatility and convenience of the spacious boot – allowing him to transport his bike or any bulky load.

Driving the Lexus RX is also a breeze. Despite its size, the handling is easy and the power is delivered when required. The leather seats are comfortable, and the design puts equal emphases on comfort and accessibility.

“There are so many things to love about this car,” Tan beams, “but if I must really choose one, I would say it’s the space and comfort it provides.

“For work or for leisure – I can rely on Lexus RX.

Color Head-Up Display

The large color Head-Up Display projects a range of frequently checked driving information and warnings on the lower windshield glass in the driver’s line of sight, requiring only a movement of the eyes to see it.

EMV Touch Display

The touchscreen display enables the driver and front-seat passenger to control various systems by directly touching the screen like a smartphone. Audio system information, incoming mobile calls, and some navigation on the EMV touch display can be shown on the multi-information display, and controled by switches on the steering wheel.

Wireless Charger

The batteries of smartphones and electronic devices can be recharged wirelessly simply by placing them on the charger tray.

Smartphone Holder

A convenient smartphone holder is integrated in the center console for easy charging. Designed to hold a range of smartphones firmly in place, it is positioned for easy access by the front seat passenger, further enhancing its usability and convenience.

Refined Comfort

The second row seats enables excellent seating posture and headroom, and a natural foot position for relaxed comfort. Seat recline and slide functions let passengers tailor their position to further enhance ride comfort.

Luggage Space

The spacious cabin has ample capacity for five people and their luggage. The power back door opens wide to the large luggage space that can hold four full-set golf bags or four suitcases. A temporary stowage space behind the second row seats for the tonneau cover enables the luggage space to accommodate larger items.

Power Folding Seats

The second row seats recline at the touch of a button integrated into each second row seat. They can also be folded flat or upright using switches in the second row seats and side of the luggage space.

Adaptive High-Beam System

The Lexus RX achieves a world-first with the introduction of the Adaptive BladeScan System. It operates by shining light from LEDs on two blade-shaped mirrors rotating at high speed, which in turn reflect the light onto a lens to illuminate the road ahead. The distribution of this light is precisely controlled. It can be used to stop the drivers of approaching vehicles being blinded as well as expand the beam pattern to brighten areas that would normally be difficult to see using a conventional high-beam system.

Power Back Door

With the Electronic Key in hand or in the pocket, one can open or close the back door by simply moving a foot under the rear bumper – a convenient feature when carrying something with both hands.