Speed At Ease And In Style

03 Apr 2020

Packed with sporty features, the Lexus IS range far exceeds the expectations of this man on the move

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This is my third Lexus IS,” Dr. Loh Meng Woei announces proudly. He has owned three variants in the Lexus IS series at various points since 2003.

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An anesthetist in private practice, Dr. Loh admits that he likes to drive fast, “but always within speed limits”, he clarifies. His IS fits his need for speed. “It offers a nice start and cruising in sports mode,” he says. “With 241HP, it is very easy to overtake on the highway.”

Dr. Loh enjoys evening drives, preferably less than 30 minutes, on a dry road and in cool weather.

Dr. Loh likes the renowned Lexus reliability and comfort. “I cannot overstate its reliability. I hardly had any problems with my Lexus cars for these past 16 years.”

On top of that, he finds the IS very enjoyable to drive. “It’s small and compact with a sleek design. With just a push of a button, you are ready to go. With 241HP, it delivers quite a punch in terms of torque. I’m mostly first off the blocks at the traffic lights.”

The other special features of the IS do not escape Dr. Loh’s attention; after all, the IS aims to balance exhilarating performance and thoughtful functionality. “For a sedan, I find that its trunk is quite deep, with enough space to pack in my foldable bike and two large suitcases easily.”

The interior is an amalgamation of style and refinement, which accentuated the dynamic expression of athletic strength and sporty ambience of the interior – a perfect fit for a sporty individual like Dr. Loh.

“The color of the leather seats is very rich, and the leather itself is long-lasting. The stitching, particularly on the steering wheel, is immaculate,” Dr. Loh marvels. “After driving for many years, it hardly shows any fraying.”

Dr. Loh particularly relishes the heater function for the front seat. “This is a very thoughtful creature comfort. I use the warming more than the cooling function. I would sometimes be freezing after a long day in the operating theater, and the heated seat warms me up instantly.”

The Lexus IS comes in IS Turbo and IS Hybrid variants. The IS Turbo is powered by a 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine with an Atkinson Cycle engine with Dual VVT-iW to deliver an exhilarating driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency. For dynamic driving and exceptional environmental performance, the Lexus Hybrid Drive intelligently combines the power of a highly efficient 2.5-liter gasoline engine with electric power from a high-output motor.

Meter Hood

The selection of special materials for the meter hood and knee pads highlights Lexus craftsmanship and attention to detail. The finish, with its single line of accent stitching, emphasizes the performance focus of the IS, adding a refined note to its singular sports driving experience.

Knee Pads

Complementing the low-set position of the front seats, knee pads on both sides of the center console are carefully shaped and positioned to provide support during sports driving. For the driver, it contributes to a stable and comfortable posture during hard driving, and a soft finishing touch, adding to the snug feeling of the cockpit.

Power Seat Adjustments

The IS’s front seats have an eight-way power adjustment that allows drivers and passengers with different physiques to find their optimum position of comfort and support. This is an advantage for focused sports driving. The adjustments include slide, tilt, lift, and recline; the driver’s seat also has lumbar support.

Trunk Capacity

The spacious trunk is a fine example of the rear suspension’s intelligent layout, which yields an ample space that can accommodate a few golf bags.

Ventilation And Heating

A standard feature on the IS, the heated and ventilated seats have separate heater and cooler functions in the seat that provide comfort regardless of the weather.

he Lexus IS is also now available in Manganese Luster. For test drive, call 6631 1388 or visit the Lexus Boutique at 33 Leng Kee Rd, Singapore 159102.