Man To Machine - Sophistication Of Its Own

25 Feb 2020

A bon vivant finds superlative features and conveniences in his Lexus ES that answer his lifestyle needs

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"I’m very satisfied with the features and performance of my Lexus ES,” says Mr. Ronnie Seng, as he steps out of the steel grey sedan that he has been driving for over a year now. “I’ve heard some friends complaining about having constant problems with their cars and I just feel lucky that I’ve not encountered any of those.” This is Mr. Seng’s third Lexus.

"As the managing director for the Regional Business Unit, Global Enterprise Banking of OCBC Bank, frequent work assignments take Mr. Seng overseas, sometimes on week-long stretches, where he is often driven around. But whenever he returns home to Singapore, he makes sure to take the wheel. “I can’t wait to drive my family around – mostly to visit new places and eat out.”

Although he generally eschews being described as a gourmand, Mr. Seng is actually a great food enthusiast. His extensive knowledge of food is matched by his efforts to find them. He has driven with friends around San Sebastian in Spain to sample pintxos and txakoli, and whenever he and his wife host dinner at home he’s the one who cooks. “Our home kitchen is my territory,” he says proudly. He’s equally reliable with tips on the best places to shop for food, from nasi lemak all the way to prime steaks.

Naturally, a car with ample space scores big with Mr. Seng. His Lexus ES keeps him and his passengers comfortable with its roomy seats and legroom – a real convenience as he is tall. He can fill the trunk with all the ingredients he needs for a big cookout, and even open it with his foot in case he’s carrying grocery bags with both hands.

Mr. Seng enjoys even more conveniences on the road. “It is a very responsive car,” he says, “which makes driving a breeze in any road condition. It has acoustic glass windows that make it very quiet – that means I can really focus on my driving.”

The Blind Spot Monitor alerts Mr. Seng when he can’t immediately see another car that is moving too close to his. “That feature, along with the Lane Departure Alert, is reliable especially when I’m driving on unfamiliar roads or when there’s inadequate lighting.

Other features that Mr. Seng enjoys include the Panoramic Glass Roof and the Power Sunshade at the rear window. The first opens up vistas and bring in natural light and ventilation, while the second provides comfort and privacy as needed. The rear window shade automatically lowers when the reverse gear is engaged. Although they may seem like small touches, they actually contribute significantly to the overall pleasure and convenience of driving the Lexus ES.

From design to comfort and technology, the Lexus ES is packed with features that make driving it a refined, elevated pleasure.


Lexus relies on the service of rigorously trained Takumi Craftsmen who strive for perfection in every aspect of their work, actively seeking enhancements by applying constant care and dedication to their craftsmanship, blending their craftsmen’s skills with the power of technology to better anticipate the future. Their work is immediately visible in the wood ornamentation that adorns the Lexus steering wheel, dashboard and door panels. Simple as they may seem, the manufacturing of these shimamoku pieces is a long and detailed process that requires 38 days and 67 specialized stages.


The ES is fitted with a Power Sunshade for the rear window, which provides shade and privacy in the rear seats. For a clear field of view when reversing, the rear window sunshade automatically lowers when the reverse gear is engaged. It also has refined spacious interior, renowned quietness and ride comfort that heighten driving pleasure.


The ES’s Remote Touch Interface is designed for smartphone-style operation. The cursor can be adjusted to stop following flick operation to suit the user’s preferences. The charging tray in the centre console box enables wireless charging for Qi-compatible smartphones and electronic devices. The ES is equipped with a large Panoramic Glass Roof that lets in an abundance of light, adding to the spacious airy feeling in the cabin. The windscreen and front door windows are fitted with a special acoustic glass with excellent sound insulating properties, perfect for enjoying the Mark Levinson sound system.

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