Finessing Finance

Succession Planning

Getting a feel of the big picture, drawing key people into the conversation, and being open and honest will make for a smooth family dialog during…

Finessing Finance

Is It Time to Diversify?

Uncertainty is driving many people to relook their wealth planning options, with a tendency towards diversification.

Bring Your A-Game

Bring Your A-Game: Brandon Chia

Brandon Chia is the Chairman and CEO of High-Desert International Group

Bring Your A-Game

Bring Your A-Game: Aziza Sheerin

Aziza Sheerin is the Managing Director, Asia, for General Assembly

Bring Your A-Game

Bring Your A-Game: Naveen Menon

Naveen Menon is is the President for ASEAN, Cisco Systems

Bring Your A-Game

Bring Your A-Game: Paige Parker

Paige Parker is an author, podcast host, and Tiger Mom

Bring Your A-Game

Bring Your A-Game: Backed by Science

Medical and health professionals go through notoriously tough routines; here they talk about staying on top of their game.

Portfolio Community Response

The Youth Factor

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it unprecedented challenges, some of which demanded close professional attention. Or, in this case, the committed…

Fresh Perspectives

Saving Space

Many retail spaces in Singapore sat idly during the two-month circuit breaker period, and the substantially lessened footfall at physical stores…

Crafting A Resilient Legacy: What You Should Know

Plan a legacy that supports your long-term wealth preservation objectives

How To Craft A Lasting Legacy

With Opus by Prudential’s unrivalled expertise and offerings, they are able to guide their high net worth customers into crafting a long-lasting…

The Return of the Native

Local brands are making a promising comeback in domestic markets, fuelled by their accessibility, and a touch of nostalgia and national pride.

From Problem to Profit

Several homegrown companies in Singapore seize business opportunities that are surprisingly growing from a cracked economy.

Age of Caution

Some countries are already lifting border restrictions and gradually opening businesses amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but many are eagerly wondering:…

A Change of Plans

Short-notice changes, additional flight delays, of plans and last-minute cancellations may hound luxury travelers soon, but safety, space, privacy,…

Portfolio Community Response

Staying in Touch

Tap into powerful networks of people, media and technology to stay connected during the circuit breaker.

Portfolio Community Response

Working From Home with the Kids

As a working mother of three boys who runs a business from home, the challenges of balancing working from home with my children around are definitely…

Portfolio Community Response

Optimize Your Productivity Tools Setup

Mr. Ng Tian Chong, SVP and MD, Greater Asia, HP Inc., shares three easy tips to ensure that we get the most out of your productivity tools while…

Portfolio Community Response

Adapt & Overcome

Mr. Chee Tung Leong, CEO, EngageRocket

Portfolio Community Response

What I've Learned From This

Mr. Nirvik Singh, Global COO, Chairman & CEO Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, GREYgroup

Portfolio Community Response

Remote Working Optimized

Mr. Ng Tian Chong, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc.

Portfolio Community Response

An Activity, Not A Place

Mr. Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific, Japan and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies

Sustainable Luxury Travel

This luxury travel trend is what you should be planning for…

Guests at ultra-luxury resorts are stakeholders that hold up broad sustainability strategies together with the owners, operators and designers.

Women in STEM

Portfolio celebrates women in STEM

Asian women’s strong contributions in STEM are finally getting the recognition they deserve – and this is a good thing.

In Conversation

In Conversation: Kenghow Chong, Evangeline Ng, Melvin Look,…

Insightful conversations with fashion entrepreneur Kenghow Chong, soprano Evangeline Ng, Dr. Melvin Look and designer Jerszy Seymour.

Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Eyes: Part 2

We spoke to 6 individuals that offer articulate, clear and forceful views that examine familiar challenges from a different perspective. For part…

Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Eyes: Part 1

In this month’s Special Report, we talk to 6 individuals who offer articulate, clear and forceful views that examine familiar challenges from a…


These 5 Films Will Change the Way You Look at Food Forever

Not all good food is destined for the table.


5 Common Foods with the Biggest Carbon Footprints

A travel tracker for common food ingredients.


The Other Foodies

Our Special Report this month begins by introducing five leading personalities who are advancing food sustainability in Singapore.


Power Supply

Zuzu Hospitality Solutions aims to equip independent hotels with tech resources and support services for increased profitability in this period of…

Art Toys

The Art of Toy Collecting: Part 1

In this month's Special Report series, our first set of toy collectors is a mix of designers, traders and writers.


Taipei Talk to Champion Design for Sustainability

The annual Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Forum returns on 5 December with talks from four international design luminaries at Songshan Cultural and…

Art Toys

The Art of Toy Collecting: Part 2

In this month's Special Report series, our next set of toy collectors talk to us about great design and production made for different personality…

Art Toys

To Have and to Hold

In this month's Special Report series, we explore the art of of toy collecting – fancier, rarer, and much costlier than you think.


A Tale of Two Resorts

From Singapore to Ubud, Capella curates the travel experience they know you’ll love.


Screen Queen: Yuni Hadi

For Singapore International Film Festival Executive Director Ms. Yuni Hadi, movies represent journeys and experiences that are transfixing, transportive…


A KL Renaissance: Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A new breed of luxury properties have recently opened in the Malaysian capital, boasting unbeatable locations, discreet yet personable service, and…


Renaissance Man

Mikimoto’s Yasuhiko Hashimoto talks to us about the new Marina Bay Sands boutique, personal style, and the jewellery he is most obsessed with.


Starry, starry nights

From celebrity performances to royalty guests, this year’s three-night Podium Lounge event proved to be a mega hit

Watches & Style

Louis Vuitton’s Digital Store Now Delivers to Singapore

The French luxury fashion house launches its e-commerce platform.


Profile of the month: Loh Lik Peng

Unlisted Collection founder Mr. Loh Lik Peng brings together the best of taste, style and acumen to create hotels and restaurants that embody exceptional…

Co-Working Spaces

Judy Jetson on Line Six

Stuff of The Jetsons dreams are closer than you think.

Co-Working Spaces

Whenever, Wherever

Co-working spaces in Asia take up only about five per cent of the entire real estate industry. Consolidation among new and longstanding players,…


Walking into the Heart of Japan

Discovering the cultural treasures of Japan on foot.


Two Doors Good, Four Doors Better

The new 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT coupe proves that creating a roomier ride doesn’t necessarily require sacrificing performance.

Co-Working Spaces

Work This Way

Technology in the service of the people is the main pillar of the office of the future.

Co-Working Spaces

The End of the Workplace as We Know It

For this month's Special Report series, we speak with industry experts to break down what it's like to work in the new age.

Watches & Style

Historic Tributes

In paying homage to the original favourites, these reissued editions are created in the same likeness, evoking the spirit of reminiscence and becoming…


Revitalized Repose

Every piece in the new Virgin seating collection by MisuraEmme is set to make a statement in residential space design.


What to get up to on the 12th edition of the Formula 1 Singapore…

From after-parties to a series of masterclass cooking.


Improvise and Adapt

How designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg keep things fresh.


When Ecology Meets Passion

Bawah Reserve, the acclaimed private island retreat in Indonesia, is a dream envisioned and developed by Tim Hartnoll and designed by Sim Boon Yang…

Food & Wine

Mid-Autumn Day Dreams

With the Mid-Autumn Festival looming, we round up the most lucrative yet unique mooncake flavors that seem to have been concocted out of this world.

Food & Wine

Indulgences: September 2019

Where to eat, drink, and be merry this month.


Power Play

We test-drive the new-generation BMW 7 series across the border from Poland to Prague on the BMW CSEU Grand Media Tour.

Time To Move

Time To Move: Omega

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…

Time To Move

Time to Move: Jaquet Droz

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…


Style Meets Substance

Bang & Olufsen à la Saint Laurent


Call the Tune

The Holmefjord-Sarabi brothers are taking the music education business to the next level.

Food & Wine

The House of Liquid Gold

In the Sauternes region south of Bordeaux, the Lalique Hotel & Restaurant has opened its doors at Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey – the world’s first…


Exploring Cryoablation

We speak with Dr. Jendana Chanyaputhipong about a temperature control treatment to fight breast disease

Time To Move

Time To Move: Glashütte Original

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…

Time To Move

Time To Move: Harry Winston

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…

Time To Move

Time To Move: Breguet

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…

Time To Move

Time To Move: Blancpain

From the inaugural watch show by the Swatch Group, we select our favourite timepieces that exhibit both technical and aesthetical prowess birthed…


Profile of the month: Edward Tan

For Mr. Edward Tan, Executive Director of the Hong Seh Group, understanding the past and knowing the importance of change ensures that he is on the…


The Beauty of Being Small

The man behind the luxury accessory brand, Ethan K, is not in a rush to open shops in every fashion capital. His game is in keeping close involvement…


Here's To The Red And Blue

Sophisticated designs triumph on the back of two striking hues

UOL: Harnessing The Future

Avenue South Residence is the first residential development at the doorstep of Singapore’s newest CBD. Envisioned to support the live-work-play…

XTRA: Fresh Furnishing

With luxury furniture brands such as DEDON, Kettal, and Tribù, XTRA has all you need to create tranquil outdoor spaces

Space: A Wealth Of Options

If you’re in the market for classic, fanciful, familiar and or new designer furniture, look no further than SPACE

Atlas: Sound Advice

Rule your sonic domain with the latest in top-end wireless sound solutions from NAD and Bluesound.

Ruhens: Perfectly Pure

Look after your health and well-being with Ruhens’ sleek new WHP 3000 tankless multi-temperature water purifier.

LG: Viewing With Depth

Deep learning is now being applied to how the human eye processes information

Hafary: Set In Stone

A new showroom by Hafary offers visitors a rare chance to experience natural stone finishings on a large scale.

Somfy: Designed for Silence

Enjoy privacy and convenience from the quietest automated curtain motor in the market with Somfy Glydea Ultra

Marquis: Sleek Modernity

Marquis HQO assembled refined modern pieces to create a sophisticated yet comfortable and familiar home.

Smeg: Forest Fantasy

Inspired by nature in all its glorious forms, Smeg’s new Dolce Stil Novo range brings wild joy back into home cooking.

Watches & Style

Independents' Day

A rare horology event in Bangkok, Thailand, assembles 18 independent brands for an exhibition and a private auction in September


Losing It In Cheval Blanc Randheli

Nothing will toughen you up quicker than a week in a luxury resort

Local Literary Luminaries

Art Imitates Life: Faith Ng

The local playwright talks about the hidden poetry in 'Singlish' and valuing life through art.

Food & Wine

Indulgences: August 2019

Where to eat, drink, and be merry this month

Local Literary Luminaries

Line By Line: Marc Nair

We speak with the poet about literacy education, visual culture, and Singapore's literature scene – if we have it.

Watches & Style

Tissot's Racing Legacy

Tissot pays historical homage to the sporting world with new chronograph timepieces.

Local Literary Luminaries

Taking Flight: Clarissa Goenawan

We get into the minds of one of Singapore's acclaimed writers who shares her thoughts on how far the local community has come and where the scene…


Take a Peek Inside the Newly Restored Raffles Hotel Singapore

After a two year-long renovation, the luxurious colonial-style Raffles Hotel is ready to take in guests once again.

Food & Wine

Local Delights: 4 Places to Dine and Party This National Day

The nation turns 54 this year, which means that to the rest of the world, we’re still a young 'un. We celebrate Singapore’s National Day in youthful…

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